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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Calls Christine ‘Brave’ – Conflicting Fan Reactions

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Sister Wives fans watch and wonder as the big house that Kody wants gets dragged out this season. The wives can’t agree on whether they should live in four apartments under one big roof. Janelle likes the idea, Robyn’s new to the concept, Meri seems to go with the flow. But, Christine’s vehemently against it. Robyn stood up for Christine who gets the most flak from Kody over her stance. Fans reacted to Robyn saying that Christine’s “brave.”

Sister Wives – Christine would live next to but not with the other wives

TV Shows Ace noted that Christine Brown seems quite unable to accept the concept of living under one roof with the other wives. For some followers of the show, it seems perplexing that she chose a polygamous relationship. It’s almost as if she wants Kody Brown, but not the concept of one family. Christine tweeted during an episode that Vegas was ideal as they lived close to, but not with, everyone.

Stressed, she noted that being in her own home makes her “a better mom.” It seems that she gets along with the other wives, and wouldn’t mind living next door to them. But, she won’t even consider the idea of joining them under one roof. Actually, Christine seems rather possessive of Kody.

Sister Wives fans think she doesn’t buy into the idea that he actually has intimate relationships with other women. Bear in mind, as InTouch Weekly reported, Christine knows what it’s like living in one home. The only person who never lived in a home with them is actually Robyn.

Robyn Brown stands up for Christine, says she’s brave

With Christine the only one taking a firm stance, it looks like she’s the only honest wife in the house. Kody felt his wives were lying to him. Maybe he meant three of them lie and the only one who said how they really feel gets a bit of backlash. It’s interesting that Robyn Brown took to her Twitter and stood up for Christine. Robyn wrote, “I don’t think it was fair that so much pressure was put on Christine for how she feels about one home. She is being very honest and brave.”

Some Sister Wives fans agreed with Robyn. However, a surprising number of them disagreed. Those who supported Christine seemed few and far between. One who agreed wrote, “Very proud of Christine I think Cody is so wrong. he only cares about himself…u guys were happy in Vegas but because he wants something new he makes everybody change their lives for him…”

Fans differ in reactions to Christine’s ‘bravery’

The reactions of fans show that they’re about as divided over the home as the Sister Wives stars. One slammed Christine, writing, “She is not being honest and brave. She is defiant and unreasonable. Clearly she is not interested in plural marriage.” Another noted, “Christine…[acts] like a spoiled brat right now. She married into plural marriage and now she wants monogamy. Can’t have it both ways!”

‘What do you think about Robyn saying that Christine’s “brave?” Do you agree with that? Or, like others, do you think Christine’s just inflexible? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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