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Jinger Vuolo Blasted With RUDE Questions On Instagram

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Jinger Vuolo, and every other member of the Duggar family, remain in a media spotlight. Every move they make is analyzed. Criticized. Unfortunately, for every fan they have following them on social media… There are just as many trolls.

Trolls slammed Jinger Duggar Vuolo on Instagram recently.

It was roughly 24 hours ago that Jinger last updated her Instagram wall. She shared an adorable snap of her and Jeremy’s daughter Felicity.

Felicity looked beautiful in a light pink sleeveless dress that buttoned up from bottom to top. The youngest member of the Vuolo family looked off to the side with one finger pointing down toward something. There was a slight smirk on her face as she appeared enamored by whatever she was looking at. Jinger and Jeremy opted to pair the light pink dress with a large blue bow.

“When you’re blessed in life with a gift this precious, you put a bow on it.” Jinger penned in the caption of the sweet snap.

In 24 hours, the photo has accumulated over 115,000 likes. More over, just shy of 1,000 of her followers also left a comment. Unfortunately, not everyone had nice things to say about the photo.

As we reported yesterday, some followers questioned if the big blue bow… And the caption, meant Jinger and Jeremy were expecting a baby boy. The comments, however, have since gone far beyond pregnancy speculation.

Several rude remarks and questions poured into the comments.

“[Jinger] she is absolutely adorable. When are you going to be blessed with another?” One follower penned in a comment that has been liked 28 times with just shy of 70 replies.

Many of her followers took issue with the comment. They believed it was rude to pry into Jinger’s personal life.

One individual penned in response roughly 12 hours ago: “please….She doesn’t have to crank them out like other family members. I like the fact they are ENJOYING Felicity from baby to little girl. Rude question IMO.
Quality over quantity.”

Furthermore, her followers called attention to Felicities appearance. More specifically, her lack of hair.

“When is little miss going to grow more hair??? She is too cute!” The individual penned.

Unsurprisingly, Jinger’s followers did not appreciate the back handed complement.

Followers also attacked each other in the comments of the post.

Things heated up in the comment section of this post. One individual admitted that while they don’t agree with the Duggar lifestyle, they still appreciate and adore the family. Some responded harshly to the original comment.

“If I’m honest, I don’t agree with many of your views, but I absolutely admire your dedication to your little family. Your daughter is wonderfully gorgeous.” The original comment reads.

A second individual commented variations of “what is your point?” several times.

A third individual chimed in trying to shut down the negativity: “Why are you so rude? She literally complimented her. It’s okay to have different views.”

Unfortunately for Jinger Vuolo, it seemed as those some of her followers were having a hard time… A hard time appreciating the sweet photo of her daughter.

What do you think of Jinger Vuolo’s picture of her daughter? And, how do you feel about the rude comments? Sound off down below.

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