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Fans Question How Jessa Seewald Takes Photos In Public

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Ben and Jessa Seewald’s recent date night has some Duggar fans scratching their heads. Noticeably, neither Jessa or Ben appear to have snapped the photos from either one of their Instagram profiles from their date night.

While how relatable their venue choice for date night was, and how fabulous Ben looks without facial hair were both hot topics in the comment section of these two photos… Some Duggar fans wanted to know who exactly took the sweet date night photos. Is it possible the couple just approaches random strangers in the store?

Duggar fans question who takes Jessa and Ben Seewald’s public photos.

In the comment section of both Jessa and Ben Seewald’s photo, several individuals took an interest in how the photo came to be. After all, it was clear neither Ben or Jessa took the photo. More over, it seemed a little unusual to approach a stranger and ask them to snap a photo in the middle of a grocery store.

“Who took this picture? Another shopper?” One individual penned in the comments of Jessa’s picture shortly after she published it. The comment has been liked just shy of 20 times as several responded to the chatter.

“Selfie stick, timer.” One individual said in response.

Other Instagram users, however, took issue with the response. Did Jessa and Ben Seewald really take a selfie stick grocery shopping?

Fortunately, Jessa Seewald also noticed the comment asking how the photo came to be. She quickly chimed in. She explained what she did to snap the photo.

“Propped the iPhone up on a ledge and used the 3-sec timer,” Jessa explained.

It was clear that her followers greatly appreciated her taking the time to explain how she managed to take photos such as this one in public.

One individual responded: “great idea. I never thought of doing that.😊”

Unfortunately, Ben was not as generous with explaining how they captured these moments in public.

Ben Seewald also had individuals take to the comments of his post regarding the confusion.

“Who takes your picture when you’re out; is it a stranger being kind or do you bring a photographer? I always wonder about this 🤔😍” One individual penned.

While Ben nor Jessa answered, another Instagram user did. Again, selfie sticks and timers were suggested as the easiest way to capture these types of public photos.

Based on Jessa Seewald’s response, it did not appear as if the couple took a selfie stick on their date night to the grocery store. They did, however, make use of the timer on their phones.

What do you think about Jessa and Ben Seewald taking public photos in places such as grocery stores?

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