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Signs Point To No Engagement At The End Of ‘The Bachelor’

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Peter Weber has made it clear that his ending of The Bachelor isn’t able to be predicted. That alone makes it pretty clear that there will be no engagement at the end of the season. However, there are more signs than that point to no engagement.

‘The Bachelor’ ending

There has been so much speculation as to how this season of The Bachelor will end. Anything from pregnancy to ending up with a producer has been mentioned. A while back though, Peter says he hasn’t seen the ending predicted yet. According to Bustle though, it looks like one thing maybe for certain. No engagement is seen in Peter’s future.

Right when Peter is about to propose, Chris Harrison tells Peter some hard to handle news. While no one knows what exactly Chris says there, it clearly has a big impact on Peter before his big moment.

“That moment was very tough, a very difficult moment for me,” Peter admitted. “That week, hardest week of my life, and you guys will see why. I couldn’t have expected it to go the way it did,” he said. “But it’s real life.”

So, that alone says yeah, an engagement probably didn’t happen. Otherwise, it may have been a better way and at least a more expected way for it to end.

Peter also says he can’t confirm or deny anything at all. However, he did say though that the craziness won’t end until After the Final Rose. Does this mean that there will be an engagement on that episode? Only time will tell. It sounds like even one of the biggest spoiling sources has supposedly been paid to stay quiet about the ending.

What’s happened so far?

Last week The Bachelor was just as emotional as every other week is. Kelley ended up getting sent home after she bashed the other contestants all night long. It honestly makes sense though. Out of the girls that were left, they didn’t have quite the same connection. Peter and Maddison are doing great and Peter and Hannah haven’t been doing too poorly either.

Then, there’s Victoria F. Victoria is always so emotional when she’s around Peter they have a hard time getting close. However, sometimes that’s how life really goes. It may be good that Peter can see this size of her so early. Hopefully, she can get it together though so she and Peter can have some dates that don’t involve crying.

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