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Duggar: Jill Dillard Shares Fun Hobo Stove Cooking Moments, Some Critics Think It’s Dangerous

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Duggar followers often get critical of Jill Dillard and the way she parents her kids. But this weekend, most fans totally loved her idea of her boys cooking outdoors on a hobo stove. Most people agreed it’s a fun way to spend a weekend and make memories. But, a few critics think cooking on a fire’s dangerous.

Duggar fans mostly love Jill Dillard’s cooking idea

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, Jill shared a few pictures and a cute video of her two boys cooking outside. She captioned it with, “The boys had so much fun yesterday with this little fire.” She explained that she saved the can because she recalled cooking with her cousins like that years ago. Jill added, “We finally got around to making a little fire in it and it was a success.”

Next, Jill Duggar mentioned that the food the kids cooked were leftovers, so it didn’t take much cooking. Sam opted for a “baked potato and Israel warmed up a piece of chicken and made toast with a slice of bread.” Loads of fans noticed the happy faces of the boys. One loved it when Israel said that the fire’s just for them, but he’d share some food with his mom and dad. Others loved that Sam wore his boots on the wrong feet.

Fans react positively to Jill’s post but some people get critical, talk of danger

Fans loved the idea as so many of them also had memories of using the hobo stoves themselves in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. One fan said, “That looks like fun. Growing up, we would roast marshmallows when my father grilled food. We still do it sometimes.”

Then another fan said, “😍 What a good idea!! How fun is that!! I’m gonna have to try that with my grandkiddos!! Always so good to see [you] and your family! Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a Blessed Sunday! 😍❤😍❤.”

But some Duggar critics grumbled. One person wrote, “Looks dangerous.” As so often happens, the grumbler comes with no profile photo, one post, and just seven followers. Anyway, Jill didn’t respond, but loyal Duggar fans did. One noted, “Perfect way to teach that fire IS dangerous and needs to be treated with respect and caution. Water is dangerous too, but teach kids to have a healthy respect for it can save their lives! Life lessons taught early stay with you a lifetime! Way to go Jill!!”

Derick was a scout, the kids were not unsupervised

On one occasion Jill got slammed for allowing her son to climb up on his ride-on toy in the kitchen. But, this time, fans don’t think she merits any trolling. Other fans noted that the kids weren’t on their own and unsupervised. Meanwhile, others recalled that Derick Dillard’s an eagle scout. So, he probably took care to not endanger his two boys. What do you think? Do you think the fun activity with the hobo stove was really all that dangerous? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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