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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Olivia Plath Slaps At Valentine’s Day Troll

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Welcome To Plathville on TLC only aired one season of the show. But Olivia Plath, Ethan’s wife, scored a lot of fans. No pushover when it came to the very restrictive Plath mom, Kim, Olivia showed people she’s got a lot of courage. And, a troll just found that out she’s not afraid to speak up as Olivia slapped at them on her Valentine’s Day Instagram post.

Welcome To Plathville – More to Olivia Plath than the show revealed

On the TLC show, a lot of the storyline involved Olivia and her mother-in-law, Kim Plath clashing. Recall, Kim’s very restrictive with her kids and never allows them soda, TV, ice cream, and access to much technology. Fans of the show saw Ethan, now married to Olivia, try his very first coke as an adult.

They also saw Olivia and Ethan in deep trouble after Kim and her husband went away for a bit. They returned to discover the kids ate ice cream and declared that Ethan and Olivia could no longer visit without parental supervision. But after the Welcome To Plathville show, TV Shows Ace noted that there’s much more to Olivia than revealed by TLC. Actually, she loves a heated debate and 80s music. In fact, she felt that TLC made a lot of drama around her in the show. And now, it seems she’s not scared of giving it back to trolls as well.

Olivia posts on Valentine’s Day

On Friday, Olivia took to Instagram. She shared a lovely photo of her and Ethan. Olivia’s caption read, “They call it young, crazy love. 🌹 I can’t deny that, because we are very young and wow has this been crazy so far.” Then she noted, “But if I had the choice to choose again, I’d pick you. Because they forget to add how wonderful it is to hold a hand and know it’s yours forever.”

Next, the Welcome To Plathville star said to Ethan, “Happy 4th Valentine’s Day, dollbaby. Well, technically only our 3rd because of dating restrictions.” Naughtily, she added, “make up for that lost year tonight 😉 xoxo.” Most fans loved the photo and wished the couple well, but a troll stepped up to try and spoil things.

Troll gets slapped by Olivia

The troll wrote, “Hope your proud of your self encouraging these young adults to rebel against their parents i think you are the problem not them, (sic).” As usual, fans rode in to fight the good fight against trolls. But, it seems Olivia needs little help when it comes to defending herself.

The Welcome To Plathville star commented, “someone’s having a bad Valentine’s Day, and it ain’t me! 😝😂.” Other fans backed Olivia up, and many people agree, “she’s an inspiration for breaking free from [a] manipulative and controlling family. She is an inspiration!”

What do you think about Olivia slapping back at a troll on her Valentine’s Day Instagram post? Do you agree she’s quite a tough person and won’t stand for being bullied or pushed around? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about Olivia Plath of TLC’s Welcome To Plathville.

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