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Netflix Drops MASSIVE ‘Stranger Things 4’ Bombshell

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Netflix gave subscribers a beautiful Valentine’s Day present in the form of a MASSIVE Stranger Things 4 bombshell. Those who haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 are going to want to close this out as it WILL contain spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Stranger Things 3 broke the hearts of fans everywhere. At the end of Season 3, Netflix subscribers watched as Hopper (David Harbour) sacrificed himself to save his loved ones.

As those who saw Season 3 might recall, Soviet scientists dissolved at the moment of the explosion as Hopper and Joyce (Winona Ryder) tried to close the gate. Hopper also disappeared in the flash. It, however, wasn’t concluded if he passed away. It was just assumed.

Netflix fans questioned if Hopper was actually dead at the end of Stranger Things 3.

While the end of Stranger Things 3 was heartbreaking… It was also a hard pill to swallow. In fact, many fans suspected because they never saw Hopper die… It likely didn’t actually happen. Technically, there was a scene at the very end that suggested Hopper may still be alive.

There were other reasons why fans took issue with this major character death. The biggest being which character it was. Anyone who does a quick search on Stranger Things chatter in fan groups or on Twitter will see one thing… Hopper is the fan favorite. There are few other characters in the show people like more. So, killing the fan favorite character didn’t make a lot of sense.

Turns out… Fans of the Netflix series were correct in their assumption.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Netflix treated subscribers to a little treat this morning. They dropped a very brief trailer teaser on YouTube and social media.

“From Russia with love…” Netflix penned in both the caption and the headline of the trailer teaser.

Unfortunately for Stranger Things fans, the trailer teaser doesn’t offer much in the way of information or detail. In fact, it is a very brief video clip that is just 50 seconds long. After taking the title and credits into account, the clip itself is likely only 30 to 35 seconds in length.

The clip shows a group of men doing work on a railroad. Viewers watch as the clip slowly makes its way down the line. It zooms in on one man in particular. When the man takes his hood down. Viewers see what they’ve been waiting for. Hopper!

Noticeably, Hopper no longer has a head of hair. He appears to have been shaved completely bald. Needless to say, viewers are thrilled to see Hopper did not pass away.

Fans were thrilled to see Hopper was alive.

Me: I hate Valentine’s Day Trailer gets released Me:YASSSS BEST DAY EVEERRRR,” one individual exclaimed in the comments on YouTube. 

A second chimed in: “Me screaming “HOPPER’S ALIVE! I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE!” in the middle of study hall earned me some very strange looks 😂”

Several fans noted they didn’t find the trailer to be too much of a surprise as they knew Netflix would never kill Hopper.

What do you think about Hopper still being alive? Are you excited for Stranger Things 4? Sound off in the comments down below.

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