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Jed Duggar Helps With Special Olympics

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Jedidiah Duggar shared on Instagram that he helped out with Special Olympics in Arkansas. In his post, he shared a video and a photo from the event.

The 21-year-old wrote, “Thank you to everyone  who contributed in helping raise money for Special Olympics Arkansas! They do so much for the special needs children of our state. The funds raised for this amazing organization was well worth the jump in the cold waters of Beaver Lake in the Polar Bear Plunge this weekend!!”

What are Jedidiah Duggar’s intentions?

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, you may know that Jedidah is running for office. He’s running for State Representative in Springdale, Arkansas. He shared this news on his Instagram account back in November.

At first, fans thought he made an Instagram account because he was in a courtship. Typically, the kids get an Instagram account once they court or marry. But, this isn’t a rule. It turns out he made the account to promote his run for office. He isn’t actually in a courtship as far as fans know.

On his Instagram page, the Duggar son shares about his campaign. But, he also shares about all of the admirable things he’s doing. For example, he shared about spending time with veterans. Now, he shared about helping out with the Special Olympics.

When he shared about spending time with the veterans in his community, his motives were questioned. Some of his followers thought he might’ve been attempting to make himself look good for his campaign. And, they think he might be trying to hard and making it obvious that he’s trying to look good.

Whatever Jed chooses to volunteer for is appreciated by the organizations. But, his motives may be questioned due to his run for office. He didn’t have an Instagram account prior to his run for office, so it’s unclear whether he helped out with Special Olympics or hung out with veterans before. Plus, if he did have an Instagram account, he may not have posted about his volunteer work. Some people choose to keep that to themselves so they don’t look like they’re showing off.

Jed uses politically incorrect language

In Jed’s post, he used the term “special needs children.” This is an incorrect term and is no longer appropriate to be used.

The correct term is “children with special needs.” This is because this term puts the child first, regardless of any special needs they may have.

For some reason, Jed did not use the correct language. If he’s involved with the organization, it would be odd that he wouldn’t know the proper term to use.

What do you think of Jed helping with Special Olympics? Do you feel like it’s genuine, or do you think he’s trying to look better to voters? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.

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