Rachel Beaver Pushes For Season 3 Of ‘Young and Pregnant’

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Season 2 of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is coming to a close.

There are just two episodes remaining in this season of Young and Pregnant

Season 2, Episode 16 titled “Out of My Comfort Zone” airs tomorrow night on MTV.  Season 2, Episode 17 titled “Where Do You Go From Here” airs next week on February 18th. Presently, there does not appear to be plans in place for a reunion show in place for the Young and Pregnant stars. That, however, doesn’t mean the young mothers don’t want one.

As those who have watched various installments of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise know, reunion episodes are extremely common. There tends to be a bit of a time gap between when episodes are recorded and when they air. The reunion episode serves as a way for fans to catch up with the young mothers beyond what they see on social media and read in the tabloids.

Rachel Beaver is a hot topic in the Young and Pregnant fan base.

Rachel Beaver is one of the most discussed members of the Young and Pregnant cast. She’s described by some fans of the series as a “slow moving train wreck.” As we’ve previously reported, things haven’t been great for Rachel as of late. In fact, she’s attracted a lot of negative attention.

For starters, Young and Pregnant fans of the series took issue with the condition of her bathroom. They had a massive problem with her bathing her daughter in a moldy bathroom. Fans couldn’t stand the formula being stored on the back of the toilet. They also did not care for her boyfriend being in the bathroom as she bathed her daughter.

Around Christmas time, the young mother also caught heat for a cockroach that crawled out of a wrapped Christmas present for her daughter. Rachel later took to Instagram to slam those who were giving her grief for the cockroach as she insisted it was just a single roach.

The young mother wants both a reunion episode and another season.

Rachel Beaver took to her Instagram Stories recently to push for both a reunion episode and another season. She called on her social media following to vote. To vote for another season of Young and Pregnant. And, to vote for a reunion episode. Given the fact that another season of the series means more paychecks for Rachel and her family, it isn’t too surprising to learn she’s pushing for more.

Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver Instagram  Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver Instagram

The real question is simple: do fans want another season of Young and Pregnant? Sound off in the comments down below.

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