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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Olivia Plath Reveals Facts About Her You Never Saw On the Show

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Welcome to Plathville only aired one season of the show, but Olivia Plath quickly became a fan favorite. While she came from a conservative religious background, she broke away from that and fans saw her stand up to her mother-in-law’s strict rules. Naturally, plenty of fans followed her on Instagram. Olivia noted she obtained 52k new followers. Now, she revealed some facts about her that TLC fans never saw on the show.

Welcome To Plathville star Olivia shares fun facts about herself

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday, Olivia thanked all her new followers. So many times in the past, her fans saw her coping with the pain of dealing with the rejection by Ethan’s parents. But this time, she shared a fun, but fascinating post about herself. If you think her stance towards religion’s a bit different, you’ll probably love these insights into Olivia. TV Shows Ace reported that during a recent Q&A, Olivia revealed that despite her super-religious background, she’s really down on churches.

In fact, the Welcome To Plathville star said, “Forget the rules, cut the crap … All these people out there passing hate and judgment are claiming to love Jesus, but they sure as heck aren’t acting like Him!!” So, consequently, it took Ethan and Olivia ages to find the right church for them. Obviously, many fans liked the way Olivia called out some religious people who seem to hate a lot. Certainly, it seems there are some interesting things that never emerged on the show itself.

What we never saw about Olivia, and how the show presented Kim

They also liked it when Olivia called out a fan concerning her super-religious mother-in-law, Kim Plath. InTouchWeekly noted that a fan suggested Kim spoke “sweetly” about Olivia. Then, Olivia shaded Kim. She wrote, “What is said off the screen and away from the cameras will always mean more to me then what is said for the cameras.” And, aside from not seeing every side to Kim, fans never really saw the real Olivia either.

In a short summary, Olivia said that once upon a time, she worked as a contractor and ran about on roofs in the hot sun. She built “decks and restored docks.” Plus, the Welcome To Plathville star loves “history.” Next up, she mentioned how her favorite TV shows are Bachelor and Bachelorette. Her top favorite lead is “Hannah Brown.” Music choices tend toward “the 80s” and she loves “ABBA.” Olivia adores kids. So much so, she wouldn’t mind studying “psychology” to help kids in “the foster system.”

Olivia feels spare about her height

Olivia noted she’s only three inches shorter than Ethan. So, she never buys heels higher than that as she feels bad towering over her husband. Another point she mentioned is that she loves a “heated debate.”

View this post on Instagram

Hiiiiiiii! I have a lot of new followers around here (52k new followers to be exact 🤪) since I last introduced myself, so I figured it’s time!! Most likely, you’re following me because you watched our TLC show that aired in 2019. Thank you for listening to my story and deciding to follow along! WOW was that a crazy journey!! It stretched me and grew me in ways I didn’t know I could, and it taught me so much about people and how to be a voice for the voiceless. But enough on that, here’s some fun facts about me! 1. Suuuuper cliche, but I LOVE watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette 🌹 Hannah Brown is my soul sister and I’m just dying to meet and adopt her 😂💔♥️ Her season was my favorite yet, hands down. 2. I am a really big history buff. History + Literature were my favorite school subjects, and I love experiencing history hands on. Every time I travel somewhere new, I’m googling “historical significance of ______” the week before 😂 3. Before I started shooting weddings I worked as a contractor. Some of my favorite summer days ever were spent building decks, restoring docks, and running the roofing crew. I LOVED roofing (shingles > tin 😏), and spending my days out in the hot sun 🌞 4. I’m such an 80’s babe at heart. Anyone else with me?!! 80’s music (any other DIE HARD ABBA FANS OUT THERE, SHOW YOUR HANDS 🙌🏼), 80’s hair, 80’s makeup … alllllll of it. 5. I adore babies + little kids 🤗 It’s a dream of mine to go back to school for a psychology major, and use that to help children in our court + foster system. 6. I love defending something I believe in and don’t mind a heated discussion over it 😉 Ethan says I’m stubborn when I know I’m right, and I’d agree with that. I’m a deep thinker and want to make sure my point is backed up VERY well …. but once I know, I KNOW 🤣 7. I’m 5’8”, and Ethan is 5’11, so when I buy heels I’m always checking to make sure they aren’t over 3 inches. I know it’s so silly, but I just feel uncomfortable being taller than Ethan so almost every Sunday I say, “Alright, I have heels on so stand up straight!” 😂 There you have it!! Share something fun about yourself below!! 👇🏼♥️ Portraits by the BOMB @carina.danielle 🙌🏼

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