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‘BIP’ Alum Jade Roper Reveals They Finally Went Ahead With Brooks’ Frenectomy

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BIP alums Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert welcomed their baby Brooks around six months ago. Fans heard that Brooks suffered from feeding issues and this involved a lip tie. When he didn’t gain enough weight, Jade felt terribly guilty about it. After initially following advice not to get the lip tie frenectomy done, they finally decided to go ahead with it.

BIP – Jade Roper and Tanner decide on the lip tie frenectomy

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, the Bachelor In Paradise star shared a photo of her and Brooks on her Stories. She captioned it with, “Brooks got a frenectomy done.” She then noted that many fans followed the “conflicting journey” regarding Brooks’ feeding issues. Obviously, Brooks feels a bit out of sorts after the procedure. Jade added, “he’s wanting lots of mommy snuggles.” Nevertheless, as parents, they just feel “so glad” they “went through with the procedure.”

BIP Jade Roper reveals Brooks' lip-tie surgery
Courtesy Jade Roper | Instagram Stories

TV Shows Ace reported in December how difficult that journey was for Brooks. Jade shared on Instagram about how she felt devastated when she heard Brooks’ weight gain fell “below par.” In her lengthy post, the BIP alum documented a litany of issues with him. We noted, “They included ‘allergies that left him crying for hours on hours from malabsorption, a lip and tongue tie… milk supply issues,’” and “foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.” Later, his weight gain improved, but it seems he still experienced problems.

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I promised I would give an update on Brooks’s weight gain, so here it is! This morning he had a weight check up at the pediatrician’s office. Last check up he was in the 5th percentile and trending in a downwards curve after his other checkups were in the 50th, then the 30th and then the 20th. Well, after putting in some serious hard work, upping his feedings and supplementing with hypoallergenic formula along with breast milk, I am SOO GLAD to say today he was back in the 20th percentile!! Yay, Brooksy Boy! And, I know these percentiles aren’t what really matter, but the decline of his weight gain is what concerned me the most. We all just want the best for our babies, right!? I had no idea I apparently wasn’t making enough milk (although I knew I had a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance), and it was so heartbreaking for me to wonder if he was hungry all the time. I never thought my feeding journey with my second baby would involve formula, but I am so thankful for it. We are still continuing breastfeeding as well though, because my mama heart can’t quite let go of it, yet. But, I’m just so thankful for options, because I love my little guy so dang much and would exhaust every option to make sure he feels secure and loved and cared for. Lastly, please enjoy this sweet pic of Brooks at the peds office, cuz those eyes are dreamy. 😍

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What are lip ties and a frenectomy?

US Weekly explained more about lip ties and frenectomies. They noted that a lip tie involves tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom and top of the mouth. When doctors perform a frenectomy, they cut the tissue either on the top or the bottom. They also note that the procedure’s mostly done with kids who struggle with breastfeeding. It turned out that the lip tie Brooks suffered was at the top of the mouth.

The outlet also noted that four months ago, the BIP couple decided to follow the advice of their pediatrician who advised against the frenectomy. But now, after watching Brooks struggle so much, they went ahead with the frenectomy. Poor little Brooks might feel some discomfort right now, but in time, hopefully, the procedure really helps this cute little boy flourish. The Breathe Institute notes it’s not a massive procedure. The said that often, doctors use “a state of the art laser for a safe and quick procedure that allows for greater tongue and lip mobility.”

What do you think about BIP stars Jade Roper and Tolbert Tanner going ahead with the frenectomy? Did your child have a procedure like Brooks? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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