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Critics Question The Purpose Of Jana Duggar’s ‘Shapeless’ Skirt

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Jana Duggar is a pretty hot topic among Counting On fans. As she continues to grow older, Duggar fans wonder why she hasn’t gotten married, moved out, and started having children on her own. Despite being a grown woman now, Jana Duggar still lives under the roof of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. So, most fans assume she has to continue to follow the rules of her parents.

There are plenty of rumors as to why Jana Duggar still lives at home.

As we’ve previously reported, there are a wealth of rumors as to why Jana still lives at home. Some suspect she’s interested in being with women instead of men. Unfortunately, that goes against everything her family believes. Statically, however, with as many children as Michelle and Jim Bob have, it would make sense for at least one of their children to be homosexual.

Some suspect Jana Duggar has become a stand-in mother for Michelle Duggar. Not believing in birth control, Michelle and Jim Bob continued to have children until her body was physically incapable of doing it anymore. Unfortunately, with that many children, it becomes next to impossible for a mother and father to give each child the same amount of attention.

It is an unspoken truth that older Duggar siblings were responsible for taking care of the young siblings. Many adult Duggar children have all but admitted to this. The assumption is that somewhere long the way Jana got stuck with staying home to care for her siblings.

Why is all of this information relevant?

Well, one of the many rules of being within the Duggar household comes in the form of a dress code. Females are expected to dress modestly to avoid giving men impure thoughts. They are expected to rock long skirts, clothes that don’t show off too much skin, and clothes that don’t show off their curves.

Despite her age, Jana still lives under her parents’ roof. So, the assumption is that she must still adhere to her parents’ dress code.

Sin City!!! from DuggarsSnark

What is the purpose of Jana Duggar’s ‘shapeless’ skirt?

During her trip to Las Vegas, Jana took to Instagram to share a few snaps. One included a photo of her expressing how grateful she was for the trip. The photo featured Jana rocking a long sleeve brown pull-over with black leggings and a knee-length black skirt. On a Subreddit called DuggarSnark, some were quick to call attention to the snap.

More specifically, they wanted to discuss the “shapeless” skirt that they didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry. The skirt over those pants. She’s a 30 year old woman, and I don’t believe for a second SHE chose that combo,” one individual penned in the thread.

A second added: “What is the skirt even accomplishing at this point?”

“Just wear a f***ing pair of pants,” a third exclaimed.

Some noted the outfit would be just find if she ditched the “God honoring skirt.”

“It would still be completely modest AND cute without that skirt,” another Reddit user chimed in.

What do you think about Jana Duggar wearing a skirt on top of her outfit? Do you think it served a purpose?

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