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‘Couples Couch’ Adds Jamie and Beth to Spice Up the Commentary on ‘Married at First Sight’

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Couple’s Couch really tries to spark a lively Married at First Sight cocktail party.  The Lifetime complement to TLC’s Pillow Talk surely senses the tough competition, and sometimes, inviting new guests to the get-together really livens things up.   This week’s January 30 installment welcomed Season 9’s Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice to the comfy critique of the two-hour Couples Couch, and the spontaneity level was raised 200 %.

In addition to Beth and Jamie, of course, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner sat cozy as Married at First Sight success story ambassadors.  Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman were also back on board this week, and Bobby found pairs to cheer for and one groom to really dislike.  Kristine Killingsworth and hubby Keith Dewar f with rooting for romance, but also gave wise counsel from experience.

Beth and Jamie prove that they learned their ‘Married at First Sight’ lessons on ‘Couples Couch’ debut

Fans of both Married at First Sight and Couples Couch could be heard cheering from their sofas at the sight of Jamie and Beth saying hello.  No matter public opinion, it’s a sure bet that this bride and groom speak their minds.  They learned many lessons together through a stormy Season 9, but they never gave up on each other and they kept coming back to each other after hurtful conflicts.

Beth was coaxing both Mindy and Taylor to “let it go– go have a Mai Tai” with their emotions started to spin and the brides kept “digging” at their new husbands.  Mindy continually kept probing as to what would make her attractive to her husband and being needy for affirmation.  “Go have fun– go on a hike,” Jamie advised.

It was fun to see how far Jamie and Beth have come since the coffee-table flip that every Married at First Sight follower remembers.  For a good while, the couple went through a learning curve from fighting the wrong way, brutal name-calling, and leaving the home.  They always knew they were meant for each other, however, and started to put the experts’ counsel in practice and “trust the process.”

Beth urged that Mindy and Zach “just walk in the sand,” instead of having deep conversations.  Jamie Otis commented that Zach wasn’t good at deep conversations, anyway.  Beth also thought that Taylor should just let Brandon’s negative response to being put on video go, and she and Jamie were pleased when the pair patched things up.

Everyone on Couples Couch couldn’t believe their eyes or their ears during many moments of the Trouble in Paradise episode.  They did find enough touching love to give them hope for lasting love, though.

Some on Couples Couch’ have a change of heart

The last time viewers saw Bobby Dodd sitting beside his wife, Danielle, for the cozy commentary, he was very excited by the prospects for any of the couples, and he even said “I call it,” several times.  This week, however, he was very taken with Derek and Katie, especially after seeing Derek administer Katie’s insulin injection and plan her birthday surprise (the one before they got under the covers).  He still had one hilarious, totally Texan remark, that “he’s got rose petals on his a**” when Derek got up to put the tray of chocolates away. “That’s love.”

Bobby didn’t have much good to say about any footage with Zach Justice, and neither did Jamie Otis.  Jamie continually railed on how Zach turned every subject back to himself, and Bobby just couldn’t get over his hair product, even in the deep foliage of the Panama forest.

The luster of Mindy’s groom dimmed for Kristine Killingsworth, too. She declared that she only liked him “from the head down” now.  That assurance made her husband smile.  Jessica and Austin continue to get the most cheers for authentic arranged marriage success.

Meka and Michael really get an earful from ‘Couples Couch’

Like every other Married at First Sight follower, no one on Couples Couch could comprehend how the first day of their honeymoon concluded for Meka Jones and Michael Watson.  Their conflict over Michael’s off-camera comment regarding his alleged expectation of intimacy on the honeymoon as a condition of staying in the marriage really disheartened all the veteran couples.

Beth stuck up for Michael, in one sense, saying that Meka had been “mean to him” by backing him into a corner.  On the other hand, Jamie and Beth both know how damaging walking out the door can be to any beginning marriage.  Jamie and Doug, like their counterparts on Couples Couch, were in disbelief that Michael and Meka never had a personal conversation at the pool and that when he had the chance at an off-camera time on his honeymoon night, he chose to leave. Jamie and Beth agreed with Kristine and Keith that Meka was making too much information public at the couples’ dinner.

“You get on that couch, and put your ring on!” Kristine Killingsworth hollered, as Keith nodded.  Bobby joked that even if Michael was going to show his kindness and caring to Meka, as Pastor Cal advised, he couldn’t because “he still doesn’t have a key to her room!”

The night ended with Mindy and Zach having another deep talk, but happier than before since Zach had kissed his bride.  Couples Couch celebrated that touch of progress, although Beth did remind: “We’ve all dated a few Zach’s” as a caution.  Everyone was happy for the newlyweds who had at least gotten to “strong cuddles” and the seasoned lovebirds are holding on to hope for more lasting love in this Married at First Sight season like no other.

Couples Couch airs Thursday on Lifetime.

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