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Critics Bash Anna Duggar’s Milestone Post For Maryella

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Maryella Hope Duggar recently turned two months old and her mother Anna took to Instagram to celebrate.

On Instagram, Anna Duggar’s followers were here for the celebration.

It was two days ago that Anna Duggar took to Instagram to share a milestone snap celebrating Maryella had just turned two months old. In that time, the photo has received just shy of 50,000 likes and nearly 400 comments.

Waves of support poured into the comments from her Instagram followers. They gushed about how precious and pretty her daughter was. Some wanted to know more about the clothing she was wearing. Overall, Counting On fans that followed Anna were here for the celebration of this exciting milestone.

On Reddit, those who follow the reality TV family sung a different tune.

Less than 12 hours ago, the milestone post was also called to conversation on a Subreddit called DuggarsSnark. As those who follow this Subreddit know, it isn’t a place for fans of the Duggar family. It is a thread for critics and trolls. That being said, they watch the Duggar family with microscopes and often do a fair amount of digging into the family.

So, what did the Reddit users have to say about Anna Duggar’s milestone post for Maryella? Well, they certainly aren’t here for the celebration. In fact, there are several issues Reddit users took with the milestone post.

Is their daughter going to be “subjected” to these types of photos till she turns 18?

The title of the thread questioned if Maryella was doomed to be “subjected” to milestone photos until she became an adult. The Reddit user went on to note they had a wealth of issues with the milestone post. The most dominate issue, however, was the use of the child’s name as a hashtag.

“That hashtag makes me roll my eyes so damn hard. It’s not as bad as little duggars but damn close. Give the duck up, Anna,” one Reddit user exclaimed.

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Maryella Hope is growing so fast! #littleduggars

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This resulted in many other Reddit users joining in to rip Maryella Duggar’s name completely.

“Sounds like a disease, like Salmonella and Rubella,” one Reddit user penned.

Another chimed in: “I truly thought it said mozzarella at first.”

“What a time to be alive that a baby’s name is a hashtag for social media,” a third added.

Some Reddit users took issue with the letter board behind Maryella. They noted it looked like the child was sitting in an airport from the 80’s.

“Thank you! I don’t understand the fascination with these things. You do you and all, but I don’t have time to sit and line up individual letters to make a ‘witty’ saying,” another Reddit user agreed.

While there is no denying the individuals commenting on this thread aren’t Duggar fans… That doesn’t change the fact that they strongly dislike Anna Duggar’s milestone post and the use of her daughter’s name as a hashtag.


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