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‘Counting On’: Do Duggar Men Only Look For One Thing In A Woman?

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A Counting On fan claims that Duggar men look for one specific thing in their women when they’re getting ready to marry reports Showbiz CheatSheet.

As we know, the Duggar family is not your average family. Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children in a very religious household where the roles of men and women are seen very differently.

The Duggars Often Marry Young

Michelle and Jim Bob were only 17 and 19 when they got married. Most of their children have since followed their example.

Showbiz CheatSheet states that the majority of the Duggar children have wed in their late teens or early 20s. Additionally, they have all married people who share their same religious values.

The kids start having children of their own right away, just like mom and dad. Michelle and Jim Bob are already grandparents to 15 grandchildren despite still having a handful of their kids at home.

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These photos make my heart overflow!! Precious memories that we will forever be grateful to have. Love these ladies so very much!! . Joy and sorrow seem to run on parallel tracks and often arrive at the same time. Each day of our lives delightful things occur, reasons to celebrate or smile, and often, at that exact time, there are disappointing or painful things that happen to us or those we love. . Our goal in life is not to figure out how to live only on the “joy” side of the tracks, avoiding all sorrow, but to continually look to Christ who has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Blessed be the name of the Lord! . We look forward to seeing Grandma Mary and baby Annabell again in Heaven someday! We celebrate the lives that have been lived, both long and short, and we rejoice with anticipation of the new little ones we can’t wait to hold! 💕 . Photographer Credit: Lori Blythe/TLC

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Source Claims the Men Look for Submissive Women

A source on Reddit who claims to have dated a friend of the Duggars suggested that the sons marrying younger women might not be a coincidence. The source posted, “[I] dated a friend of the Duggars and can confirm, that is exactly what many of the guys are looking for, a doormat.”

Showbiz CheatSheet says that the source’s words were written in response to Jeremy Vuolo saying he liked Jinger’s “meek” nature.

Additionally, most of the Duggar sons have married younger women. Josh Duggar and Ben Seewald are a couple of exceptions.

It appears the Duggar men prefer to marry women who they think will be submissive in their marriage. This simply remains a theory for now as it has not been confirmed by any of the Duggars.

Let us know what you think of the Counting On Duggar men and their marriages in the comments below!

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