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‘BIP’ Star Jade Roper Tolbert Explains The Crazy Things Parenting Makes Her Do

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BIP star Jade Roper Tolbert seems well able to take the good with the bad. And, she’s got a smile on her face, despite losing that million-dollar win on Fantasy Football. She took to her Instagram on Tuesday, to share a picture of her looking ‘ridiculous.’ In her post, she’s smiling and joking about the crazy things parenting makes her do sometimes.

BIP – despite bad news, Jade Roper keeps smiling

TV Shows Ace reported that the bad news came out about Jade’s million dollars that she won on fantasy football. DraftKings investigated her win after people complained of collusion. Despite the couple saying it was just luck, they decided against her. Now, the second-place winner will claim the main prize. That’s a ton of money to have one day and lose soon after. So, it must be a bit of a shock for Jade. But, it looks like she’s not letting it get her down.

On her Instagram, the BIP star shared a picture of her in a dino pose, with her daughter perched on her back. She’s smiling, despite the ridiculous-looking pose. She explained that Tanner made her stop so he could take the picture. In her caption, Jade said, “Some days you have to be a mamasaurus rex to convince your toddler they want to take a nap 🦖.” Then she noted that she couldn’t “believe that [she’s] actually posting this.”

Jade wants to feel better, asks Bachelor In Paradise fans for their stories

Jade Roper’s post ended with her writing, “What ridiculous things do you do to get your kids to do something!? Please help me feel better about myself and this picture by sharing your stories! 😭😆🤗.” So, naturally, BIP fans responded to the invite. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Every single night, I pretend to tell my son’s stuffed dragon to help him have good dreams. I have been doing this for at least 6 months now. He’s almost 8 years old. 😂😂”
  • “My dad used to act like there was a hurricane and whirl me up the stairs 😂.”
  • “I sing and do a beautiful dance to a self written “Potty Song” everytime we try to use the potty.”
  • “Every night I say “who can beat me upstairs to get ready for bed???” My oldest has caught on though and now says ehhhh you win😂😍❤️.”
  • “Sometimes I have to tuck in every single doll and stuffed animal on the floor all with pillows and blankets 😂.”

Many more funny stories came out. It certainly seems like all across the land some really odd behavior goes on among BIP fans. Actually, if we think about all the parents across the world, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on around the clock!

Other ways to get the kids to sleep gives some really good advice to parents on ways to get their kids to take a nap. Sadly, none of them include fun things like BIP’s “mamasaurus rex.” They suggest reading a short book at the same time every day or listening to quiet music. Possibly, you can even try singing them a song or two. In time, the child realizes it’s a signal for nap time.

Well, that’s all very wise parenting information, but not half as much fun as all these antics that Jade Roper Tolbert and her followers are up to. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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