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Anna Duggar Shares Healthy Spin On Family Taco Night

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Just about everyone loves tacos and Anna Duggar’s family is certainly no exception.

Family taco night can be both good and bad for you.

Taco night is often a fun and easy way to feed a large family. This is especially true if they have slightly different preferences when it comes to food. A taco can be a great source of protein and vegetables. A person can put just about anything they want on a taco. Tacos can also feature a variety of different types of meat.

The big problem with tacos, however, comes in the form of tortillas. During taco night, most families like to put their taco ingredients into a hard or soft tortilla shell. Those who prefer to make a taco salad often still like to use crunchy tortilla chips.

Before anyone realizes it, this veggie and protein filled dinner turns into a very starchy and carb-heavy dinner.

Anna Duggar has a taco night hack and her children love it.

For most staple unhealthy meals that families enjoy, there is a healthy alternative. For example, a spaghetti dinner can instantly be healthier to consume if you use spaghetti squash to make noodles instead of traditional pasta. According to her recent Instagram activity, Anna Duggar found a way to have her family taco night without feeling guilty about how unhealthy it might be.

Just what is this taco night hack? 

Well, it’s simple. According to her Instagram post, Anna Duggar ditches tortillas completely. Instead, she purchases large bundles of romaine lettuce her children can use to wrap up their taco ingredients. They still get to enjoy the ingredients wrapped up as a taco. They still get to enjoy that crunch. However, they are just doing it without starchy tortillas.

Anna Duggar claims lettuce tacos are a huge hit and extremely popular with her children. In fact, her Instagram post included a few snapshots of very happy children enjoying their lettuce tacos.

How do her followers feel about lettuce tacos?

Anna Duggar’s Instagram post has been liked just shy of 15,000 times. Her followers also showered it with nearly 200 comments. The comment section featured a mixture of fans thanking Anna for the awesome taco night idea and those who noted that they frequently have lettuce tacos as well.

  • “Oh man I’m going to have to try this next taco night thanks Anna 👍🏽”
  • My kiddos loved these too😍”
  • “That’s actually a good idea. We’re gonna add this one to our recipe list.”

Anna Duggar did have a few individuals who jokingly noted it was hardly a taco at this point. “That’s a salad,” one individual penned in the comments.

Have you ever had lettuce tacos before?

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