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Instagram Shows Star Of ‘Counting On’ Jinger Duggar’s Daughter Breaking A Rule

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Every since Counting On star Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo her life has been a lot different. The first thing the couple did was move away from the Duggar family. Fans have noticed Jinger has taken a different path when it comes to raising her daughter, Felicity. After they got married they moved to Laredo, Texas. Now the couple lives in California.

Some of the things the Duggars don’t allow are modern music, wearing pants, and non-church related hobbies. Vuolo wasn’t in such a strict household, so he has had a little bit of a different influence on the reality star. Jinger is happy to do things a little differently when it comes to her daughter.

What Does Jinger Duggar Do Differently From Her Parents?

Jinger Duggar and her husband are a little different than the other Duggar couples in that they only have one child after three years of marriage. They like to give her as many experiences as possible. That means trying new food and exploring everywhere according to The Cheat Sheet.

One thing people noticed on an Instagram post is that Felicity is wearing pants and playing sports. Two of the things Duggars are against. Duggar captioned the picture of her daughter kicking a soccer ball, “soccer practice.” While she appears to be playing in her own house, Jinger has been vocal in the past about letting her participate in team sports. That was something her parents would never have let her take seriously.

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Is Jinger Getting Ready For Baby Number Two?

Fans are convinced Jinger Duggar is pregnant again and they look for clues all the time. In some of her most recent posts, she’s avoided showing her stomach. While the other Duggars don’t, the couple has been suspected of using birth control since they only have one child. Duggar has said on the show they will look at having more kids in the future. This is of course after they are more established and settled in California.

There’s no doubt as Felicity grows up, Jinger will continue to expose her to new experiences. Being away from her parents is allowing her to explore different ways to raise her daughter. The two are taking their time growing their family, and fans support them. Fans will continue to follow along with her social media to see what little Felicity gets in next. They also will have to stay tuned to see if the couple will announce baby number two.

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