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Andy Cohen Says He Likes ‘Cheeky Ty’ On Tyler Cameron’s Instagram

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Andy Cohen has received a few flirty comments from Tyler Cameron in the last few months. And, now it looks like The Bachelorette alum’s growing on Bravo’s reality TV host. In fact, this weekend, Andy admitted that he likes “Cheeky Ty” on his Instagram. Of course, for some admiring fans of both of them, this looks like the best of two worlds will collide.

Andy Cohen gets flirty messages from Tyler Cameron

Lately, TV Shows Ace noted that Tyler often checks in on Andy Cohen’s Instagram posts. Back in November, Tyler took to one of Andy’s posts about celebrating “the 14th year of the Real Housewives of Orange County.” Fans immediately noticed the heart emojis from Tyler.  Plus, he went back and revisited other posts after that. One that showed Andy looking hot in nothing but a swimsuit also drew admiring comments from Tyler.

US News on YouTube reminds fans of both The Bachelorette and The Real Housewives franchise, that Tyler appeared as the bartender on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. So, they met in real life. ET Online revealed that Tyler turned down an opportunity to star in The Bachelor. But, he seems to be making all the right connections without the help of ABC right now. Almost immediately after Hannah Brown invited him for a date night he hooked up with Gigi Hadid. And, since then, he’s been seen hanging with the Kardashians’ friends. Now, it looks like Andy really likes and admires Tyler, a big help in the TV show industry.

‘Cheeky Ty’ appeals to Andy Cohen

This weekend, Tyler took to his Instagram and posted another sultry, hot-looking photo. Plenty of people responded to it. Tyler captioned it with, “I got two moods.” Then he used the hashtag, “#EmoTvsCheekyT.” Well, Andy responded by writing, “I like cheeky Ty.” But then he went on to say, “Also- my elbow is messed up and I can’t work out today I think I’m just gonna get on the treadmill. Can I take a rain check?” Tyler came back with, “rain check will suffice. See you soon.”

Fans of both of them just loved that exchange. One noted, “I love this friendship I want in.” Another one offered to “fill in” for Andy. Then, this fan wrote, “my worlds collide.” Then, one of Andy Cohen’s fans shared, “this friendship is everything!” And, some of them really want Andy to find some way to get Tyler on Bravo, preferably for longer than one session as a bartender. This fan commented, “cmon Andy can you get Tyler on Bravo for us 😂.”

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I got two moods. #EmoTvsCheekyT

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What do did you think about the growing friendship between these two hunky hotties from reality TV? Do you love that Andy Cohen really likes “Cheeky Ty?” Do you hope one day we’ll see Tyler Cameron back on our screens? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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