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‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks Scars, Nickname, Heartbreak And How He’s ‘Very, Very Happy’

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Ratings and rumors are soaring over new Bachelor Peter Weber. This season has only aired three episodes to date and already is packed full of drama. Between the Hannah Brown return, Alayah drama, and champagnegate, it’s been intense. Fans are wondering how it is all going to end for Peter. Usually, Reality Steve has already spilled the beans on who the winner is. That is not the case this season.

Peter attended The Living Legends of Aviation Annual Gala in Los Angeles

When Peter attended the gala he spoke with Daily Mail about his season of The Bachelor. When questioned about the scar on his forehead he said he’s happy it’s there. He added it gives him some character. He assured everyone that they will see the incident during his season. Nobody will be left hanging as to what exactly happens causing him to cut his head.

While of course Peter would not reveal very much about the ending, he did say he is content. He said, “I got hurt, I got heartbroken, but I also was very, very happy at the end of it.” Everyone is still waiting to see who he falls in love with or if he ends up alone. Reality Steve does not know how it all ends, but he does say Peter did not leave the final rose ceremony engaged. There are multiple rumors flying around about the ending.

The Bachelor’s nickname from his night with Hannah Brown

By now most fans know about Peter’s much discussed night with Hannah Brown. It’s no secret the two got intimate on their windmill fantasy suite date. Not only did they get intimate, they got intimate an impressive four times. In regards to that night Peter earned the nickname as “four time a night man.” While he admits it’s fun to have a nickname like that. Peter is also modest and says it’s a joke and all in good fun. He just rolls with it.

He said, “I think all I can do is just own it. I know it’s a joke and I know that people love to have fun with it. The first night, a lot of the women had fun with it.” Peter went on to say,

“Look, I’m comfortable talking about it, so it’s never been weird, but again, I promise you and no one believes this, my private and intimate life I like to keep private. It’s just it was publicly talked about once and then it kind of blew up, and so it is what it is. I’m never going to complain about it. Thank God my mom’s not too close, I don’t like to talk about this in front of her. But hey, it’s all good.”

Hannah sent Peter home after that passionate night in the windmill. She voiced her regret to him during the first few episodes of his season as The Bachelor. It was obvious to all that there were real feelings between these two and tons of chemistry. While many fans are holding out hope he ends up with Brown, she has said that is not that case and she is single.

Peter loved being around other aviators

One thing Peter discussed was how awesome it was rubbing shoulders with some famous aviators. One of them was celebrity pilot John Travolta. Peter said, “This is what makes me feel most alive is flying. This has always been my passion. Everyone who has watched the show knows that. I probably talk about it too much. So for me, this is like a little kid in a candy store. There are so many legends here. It’s literally called Legends of Aviation. I think it’s the greatest job in the world and I’m so lucky to be able to do it and just very honored to be here tonight.”

Aside from talking about windmills, his scar and Hannah Brown, Peter also discussed how he felt about his experience as The Bachelor. Peter said, “It was the hardest thing in my life. It was the most beautiful experience in my life, but the absolute hardest and I definitely struggled in many different areas, but I don’t necessarily take anything back. I don’t regret anything, but yeah, I put myself out there, I got hurt, I got heartbroken, but I also was very, very happy at the end of it.”

According to the report, Peter also says he hopes everyone can understand that he has made some mistakes. He said, “I just give myself that self grace. But I don’t regret anything because I am human and not perfect and any mistakes I maybe did make.”

Episode 4 is set to air Monday night on ABC. Don’t miss Peter’s journey as he continues to try and find his soul mate.


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