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‘The Bachelor’: Being A Contestant Is Expensive

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Being a contestant on The Bachelor sounds like a fun way to find love. It, however, isn’t a very affordable one.

According to Cheat Sheet, the Bachelor or Bachelorette make a significant amount of money during their duration on the series. ABC, however, doesn’t pay the contestants anything to try and win their hearts. Moreover, the contestants spend a pretty significant amount of money just for a chance at winning.

Stepping into a contestant slot on The Bachelor isn’t cheap.

There is no denying all of the women on The Bachelor and all of the men on past seasons of The Bachelorette are gorgeous and beautiful. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of cash to get that “picture perfect” look.

Previous contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor reported spending thousands of dollars. This money went toward everything they needed to look fantastic including waxing, clothing, hair, nail treatments, facials, and more. Contestants have to provide their own wardrobe, hair, and make-up. This makes the whole thing both expensive and stressful.

Naturally, this information has caused a lot of questions to pop up. For starters, how are all these gorgeous, single individuals able to afford to spend thousands of dollars on the chance to find love? Moreover, what happens to their jobs while they are on the show? Do they take time off or do they have to quit?

Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up regarding the questions above.

Many participants have to quit their job to be on the show.

The unfortunate truth is most places of employment won’t let you take a month (or more) off work to go be in a reality TV show.

Amber Alchalabi, a contestant from Season 10, took a 22 day leave from her job as a teacher in Texas. She was eliminated during Week 6. Her supervisor actually got in trouble for allowing her to take such a long leave. Lauren Himle, also a teacher, quit her job so she could appear to try and win over Ben Higgins.

Olivia Caridi quit her news anchor position to appear on Season 20 of The Bachelor. She, however, believed she would just find a new place of employment after the show ended.

Ali Fedotowsky took the other approach and left Jave Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor to hold on to her job. She, however, later quit to become the Bachelorette instead.

Most contestants struggle to get a job after appearing.

After quitting their jobs and spending a ton of money, most contestants go home with nothing. Unfortunately, things get worse when they realize some places won’t hire them simply because they appeared on this show.

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Season 11 Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane revealed he had a hard time finding a new job after participating in the show.

“I didn’t understand the magnitude of the show and how hard it is to get a real job right after. Everyone knows who you are and employers see it as a distraction,” he explained.

Some contestants are fortunate enough to use the opportunity.

The popularity isn’t such a bad thing for some contestants who are able to find new and better employment opportunities. Some have gained sizable Instagram followings and went on to make decent money as social media influencers.

Former Bachelorette and attorney Rachel Lindsay, for example, was able to go on to TV hosting, promotional appearances, and public speaking. Kaitlyn Bristowe was overwhelmed with brand promoters and social media influencer offers.

Some contestants have even been able to go on other reality TV shows to make more money. Sean Lowe, for example, admitted that he and his wife Catherine participated in Marriage Boot Camp just for the money.

Do you think anyone ever regrets the amount of time and money they spend to participate? Sound off in the comments down below.

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