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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Daughter Truely’s A Bookworm – Is That A Good Thing These days?

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Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown often teases her daughters Aspyn and Gwen about which is her favorite. But, when it comes to youngest daughter Truely, she seems to simply love her to bits. And, the nice little kid also gets a growing appreciation among fans of the TLC show. Now, Christine shared about her cute daughter reading. It looks like she’s a real bookworm. Is that a good thing in the modern day of electronic devices?

Sister Wives – The daughters enjoy a good relationship with mom, Christine Brown

Fans of the TLC show know that Kody and Christine brought six kids into the world: Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely and son Paedon. The five girls seem to really get on with their mom. TV Shows Ace reported that Gwen and Aspyn now get older and enjoy time hanging with their mom. In fact, she often teases them about which one is her favorite. But, it seems they both matter to her equally. And, Truely seems very close to her heart.

Recall that a long time back Truely got really ill. In 2014, fans heard she was so ill that her life was in danger. Starcasm reminds fans that Maddie wrote on Instagram that her half-sister went into the hospital for “kidney failure.” The outlet noted that a nurse told Kody and Christine, “Normally in cases like this, we don’t expect them to go home.” Healthy now, and growing up a bit, the nearly-ten-year-old also gets seen a bit more often on the Sister Wives show. Fans comment that sometimes, she’s seen reading a book in the episodes.

Truely the bookworm on Christine’s Instagram

Christine took to her Instagram on Wednesday to share a cute picture of one of Truely’s dolls sitting propped up reading a book. She captioned it with, “You know your daughter loves to read when you walk in her room and see this! Even @truelygracebrown‘s dolls love to read. #reading.” Plenty of fans like it that Truely reads a lot. One said, “Truely seems to be one of the sweetest kids in the bunch over there. Sensitive thoughtful and just so sweet ❤️❤️❤️.”

Meanwhile, another one noted “coming from a 4th grade teacher, this makes my ❤️ soooooo happy!!” Well, why would a teacher be so happy to hear that the Sister Wives daughter loves reading? After all, these days so much education takes place on electronic devices. And, most kids would much rather just look at something on their phone than actually go to a library. Is there any good reason kids should be bookworms?

Reading books is a good thing?

Well, according to Children’s Health Care, Atlanta, the American Academy of Pediatrics discovered it’s really good for kids to read. The benefits include “a positive effect on the developing brain.” Interestingly, like Truely with her Sister Wives mom, they also “develop stronger relationships with their parents.” Other benefits include the fact they seem to perform better in class and better understand the “consequences of risky behavior.”

So yes, it certainly looks like Truely Bown being a bookworm is a good thing, despite so much learning taking place on electronic devices. What do you think?  Is your child a bookworm? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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