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Meghan King Edmonds Is Willing To Talk About Her Intimate Life

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Meghan King Edmonds and her ex-husband Jim Edmonds are going back and forth about their sex life. They’ve been making headlines over claims about a threesome. But Meghan is willing to talk about her s** life in her new podcast, Intimate Knowledge, which she hosts alongside Brooke Burke and Lila Darville. She knows that it could cost her, but she doesn’t care.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum wants to share her side of the story. And if that means sharing the details of her intimate life with her then-husband, then she’s all for it. As TV Shows Ace reported, she has moved on from their marriage. She’s ready for a partner who won’t tie her down.

Meghan King Edmonds get real on her podcast

Now she’s laying it all out there on her new podcast. The 35-year-old spoke to Us Weekly on Friday, Jan. 17 when she was asked if there’s any topic that’s off-limits.

“I don’t think so for me,” Meghan said. “I might not be as knowledgeable on one topic or another, or listen more on one, or learn more on another, but no, overall I don’t think so.”

The details of her divorce have become public fodder. The former Bravo star and her 49-year-old husband split in October 2019 after five years of marriage. Even though their divorce has been messy, Meghan admits that she wants to lay it all out on her podcast. She’s aware that it could get her into legal trouble.

“There’s a lot I could talk about,” she said. “Like Brooke was saying, there’s boundaries and I’m in the midst of a divorce battle kind of thing.”

While she’s aware of the consequences, she’s not going to back down anytime soon. Meghan is determined to share the details of their marriage and divorce. Maybe she’s hoping that it’ll make her more relatable to her fans. Sharing the details of your intimate life is certainly a choice. Hopefully, it works in her favor.

Jim Edmonds claims wife had affairs with multiple women

She already proved that she isn’t afraid to talk about her intimate life when she revealed on Monday, Jan. 20 that the former MLB is dating their former threesome partner. Jim Edmonds didn’t take this claim too well. He calls it a lie and claims she was the one who wanted to bring other women into their bedroom. In his interview with Us Weekly, he revealed that Edmond’s rundown of the events is made up for her podcast.

“I’m tired of the lies for publicity,” he said, adding that he filed for divorce three months ago. “Meghan has filed as well. The marriage is and has been over.”

Jim admitted he dated their former threesome partner once. He brought her on a date to a surprise birthday party for one of his best friends. He claims he didn’t have an affair. They only went out once. He also revealed that Meghan knows the woman he’s currently dating.

‘RHOC’ star still feels positive about the future

Despite the constant back and forth, the couple is trying to get along. They reportedly reached an agreement for 50/50 custody of their three children, 3-year-old Aspen and 19-month-old twins, Hart and Hayes. Meghan also feels that they can be peaceful co-parents. During her previous talk with Us Weekly back in December, she revealed that she has “really high hopes for the future, in every way.”

“I think the new year especially, and the new decade, is a great way to kind of launch positive thinking and the law of attraction,” she said. “I don’t know. New beginnings are huge, so I’m looking forward to that.”

She’s still going to push the envelope on her podcast though. Meghan admits that she wants to see how far she can go, even if it ticks off her ex-husband. While most of the topics hit close to home, Meghan doesn’t want that to stop her from being honest with her fans.

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