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Here’s How Kody Brown’s Children Feel About More Siblings

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Kody Brown is toying with the idea of having additional children. As we previously reported, Brown is the proud father of 18 children currently. This is just one child less than the Duggar clan that also appear on the TLC network.

With 18 older siblings to look out for him or her… There is no doubt a lot of love waiting for a new addition to the family. The question is: how does Kody Brown’s 18 other children feel about the idea of another sibling? Are they on board? Do they think daddy is crazy? Here’s what we’ve been able to find out.

Some of Kody Brown’s children don’t seem thrilled by the idea of more siblings.

As Cheat Sheet reminds us, some of Kody Brown’s children have grown up. They’ve grown up and had children of their own. So, the idea of having siblings younger then your own children might be a little off putting.

As those who watched Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives know, Kody Brown revealed his interest in more children in a room full of his family.

“A lot of people, a lot of my peers, are looking forward to an empty nest. I’ve never been that person. I’m constantly debating with myself if Ari’s the last or not.”

Fans of the reality TV family watched as a hushed shock and surprise washed over the room they were in. Was another Brown baby coming? Was someone already pregnant?

Maddie Brown Bush (child of his second wife Janelle) eventually broke the silence.

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Still here, still trying to crush it at mom life! ✌🏻 . . . I feel like I am finally getting my bearings. Going from one babe, to two, was a lot more than I expected if I'm being real. Somedays I felt like I was drowning in motherhood. I would cathartically repeat that this wasn't forever. Then, one day, it just seemed like we got the hang of things. Now, I'm not saying its a walk in the park, because its not. But we are definitely starting to thrive instead of just survive. That may also change tomorrow. 😂😂 . . Why am I sharing this?? Not entirely sure, maybe some other mom out there, in my situation, need to see they aren't alone. . . So my New Years resolution was to start thriving, not just surviving ✊🏻. . #motherhood #momlife #thriving #sendprayersstillbecausemommamoodchangesquick 😂 #myheart #mybabies #love #living #Axeldidinfactknockmeover5secondsbeforethispicture #inanticipationofposing #boys #2020lookout

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“You’re debating if Ari’s the last or not?” She exclaimed.

Maddie’s husband Caleb picked up on the awkward tension in the room and encouraged a change of subject.

Unfortunately, the subject Kody Brown shifted the chatter to wasn’t much better.

The Sister Wives star made things awkward by talking about testosterone in front of his children.

“Do you see, I’ve got a washboard stomach, sweetheart. That’s from testosterone, I promise you,” Kody fired back at his daughter.

“Oh my god!” Maddie exclaimed in response. The entire room echoed with uncomfortable laughter.

Christine’s daughter, Aspyn Brown Thompson, added that she wasn’t interested in the conversation anymore.

Some of his other children echoed with cringes as they reacted.

Overall, his children made it clear they were not interested in discussing their father’s intimate life. More over, they seemed surprised he was entertaining the idea of having additional children.

Only time will tell if Kody Brown was serious about bringing more children into the world. Stick with us for the latest Sister Wives related news.

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