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‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers: Episode 4 Brings More Drama For Peter Plus An Eliminated Contestant Returns

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The Bachelor is off to a dramatic start. Between Hannah Brown returning to talk to Peter Weber and the normal house drama, it has been intense. Week 3 continued on with the champagnegate drama between Hannah Ann and Kelsey. Along with all that, all eyes were on Alayah during last night’s episode. She has been accused of being there for the wrong reasons. Ultimately, Peter sent her home. But, is she gone for good?

Victoria Fuller gets a one-on-one date with Peter

Reality Steve is dishing out spoilers for next Monday on Instagram. Peter and Victoria attended a Chase Rice concert together. She had no idea he would be performing for them until they walked into the venue. Little did Peter know, but Victoria had a past with the country performer. The two had reportedly dated or hooked up prior to the show.

It wasn’t until after the date that Victoria filled Peter in on her past with Chase Rice. Apparently Peter did not care too much because he gave Victoria the rose.

Alayah returns during episode 4 to see Peter

Aside from some other drama that will come to light, it turns out Alayah returns. It happens during the evening portion of the group date in Cleveland, Ohio. She is looking for a chance to prove that she is not fake as the others have claimed.

Alayah feels the other girls influenced Peter’s decision to send her home too much. She wants him to see the real Alayah. Peter buys into what she is telling him and gives the group date rose to her, welcoming her back to the group. Of course, this bold move by Peter will infuriate a lot of the women.

Alayah still causing problems second time around

In the short amount of time that Alayah was not on the show, she found out about Victoria F. and Chase Rice having a past. She told one of the other girls about Victoria and Chase. Word got back around to Victoria. She apparently confronts Alayah while Peter is out on a one-on-one date with Kelsey.

The two get into a big fight and Victoria allegedly cursed at Alayah for disrespecting her. She was furious Alayah told the others about her past.

Prior to the next rose ceremony, Alayah goes to Peter with all the new drama. Nobody is really happy about her return. She tells him that the other women are making it very hard to be there. Both Victoria’s have issues with Alayah now. After appealing to Peter to let her come back, Alayah tells him she would rather just go home. He was no doubt upset with her after his gesture of giving her the group date rose so she could stay.

Peter even tried to amend the issues between Alayah and Victoria P. after in week 3 Victoria said Alayah wanted her to lie about knowing her. He tried to sit them down together. However, Victoria P. said there is no friendship to amend.

While Steve is not sure how the show will portray all of this, he does say that Alayah goes home again prior to the ceremony. Hopefully now Peter will feel secure in his decision that her departure is for the best.

Three other women are sent home at this rose ceremony. They are Kiarra Norman, Deandra Kanu and Savannah Mullins.

Don’t miss more of the drama unfold on The Bachelor Monday night on ABC.

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