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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Slam Kody Brown For Backpedaling

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Kody Brown and some of his wives have toyed with the idea of living in a single home for a while now. After all, from a financial standpoint, it would be a lot less stressful if Kody only had to maintain a single large household as opposed to each wife having their own home.

As we reported previously, Brown took to Twitter recently to announce how lonely he felt about pitching the idea of living under one house. Making things more tense, Kody’s wives were pretty mixed on the subject. Janelle revealed she was wholeheartedly into living under one roof while Christine was adamantly against it.

Kody Brown took a slight dig at Christine on Twitter and fans weren’t having it.

In a separate tweet, Kody tagged his wife Christine as he proposed the idea that she was actually the protagonist of the story.

His followers quickly responded to the passive aggressive dig. Most had nothing nice to say and were quick to defend Christine.

  • “Smart for not wanting to live under the same roof as her sister wives.”
  • “The outspoken voice of reason?”
  • “She’s smart! You can’t handle resistance.”
  • “The fact that you have multiple wives yet can so easily throw them under the bus.”
  • “I wouldn’t say that you were the protagonist. More like the bully. Christine was a woman who was trying to remind you that she has set up boundaries and would like you to respect them.”

The Sister Wives star was quick to follow-up with another tweet following the backlash.

Kody Brown took to Twitter again to clarify that his tweet was not intended to be a dig at his wife. He explained that he was just calling attention to their different opinions.

He chased his tweet with several emojis in an attempt to lighten the mood on his Twitter profile. Unfortunately for him, the responses to his follow-up tweet weren’t much better. In fact, many felt that he was backpedaling.

“We didn’t get to see that since you didn’t let them ask questions or share ideas. All we heard is what you wanted and what works for you. Isn’t that how you ended up in a bad financial place with unhappy kids in Flagstaff? You have four wives. Learn to listen more and speak less,” one follower penned in a very lengthy reply as they urged him to be a better husband.

Another chimed in echoing the individual above: “I hate to break it to you, but you are more the antagonist in the story and your wives are the protagonists. As others have said, talk less and listen more. You forced everyone into this situation, but the consequences have been dire. I sincerely hope that things have improved.”

Some opted to respond to the tweet with animations suggesting Kody was backpedaling or that he had really put his foot in his mouth.

He, however, did have a few individuals who came to his defense. One individual noted his desire made sense as it would allow his entire family to be closer.

What do you think about Kody Brown’s desire for his entire family to live under a single roof?

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