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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Gets Even More Hate This Season After Saying He Doesn’t Like Dogs

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Sister Wives fans looked forward to a new season of the show. Now that it has arrived, more hate seems to come out for Kody Brown than in the past. There always were critics of Kody, but his selfishness that now emerges on the TLC show brings even more anger. This encompasses the move to Flagstaff. Plus the fact that he doesn’t like dogs, enraged critics. Then, fans grew angry that he wants more than one place for himself to live in.

Sister Wives – Uprooted to Flagstaff as demanded by Kody Brown affected the kids negatively

One thing fans often see on the show is when Kody sets up his charts and acts like the CEO of a huge business with his wives. It seems he dreams up ideas, then pretends everyone reaches consenting his family conferences. But to fans, it looks like no matter what the wives feel, he just goes ahead and makes the decisions anyway. In fact, fans still believe to this day that Kody made the decision to relocate from Las Vegas for Robyn. TV Shows Ace reported about that.

We noted that her oldest son Dayton…attends the Flagstaff-based Northern Arizona University (NAU) on a scholarship.” Additionally,  “the idea of Dayton being so far away from the family [stressed] out his mom.” On the show this season, Sister Wives fans see Robyn getting into her ‘Sobbin’ Robyn’ role about leaving Vegas, but lots of fans don’t buy it. They still think Kody made the decision to please her. And, fans see it brought depression and stress and generally affected the kids negatively.

Fans hate it that Kody wants a huge house and even more me-space

Popculture reminded readers that Kody really pushes the single mansion divided into four spaces. But fans noted their anger against him on Twitter about his other plans. He also wants a separate cabin. One critic noted, “So Kody wants separate living quarters in the house AND a cabin for when he wants to be away from married life and parenthood. Get in line, pal!” Another Sister Wives critic noted, “Wait what? Kody wants his own house and possibly another child?? F*cking crazy, disrespectful and rude.”

Kody doesn’t like dogs, racks up the hate more

The kids got sad and lonely in Flagstaff and started showing signs of depression. But Kody didn’t seem to care. Literally, Christine had to argue the point about dogs being good company for the Sister Wives kids. Fans grew super-angry then. Here’s what some of them said on Twitter:

  • “I don’t like Kodi at all. I look into his eyes and I don’t see any good in him. He is hauling this huge *ss family around, including kids, because he can’t FEEL connected to any particular place. Plus who hates dogs?”
  • “A man that doesn’t want you to get a dog isn’t one worth marrying imo.”
  • “HEY WIVES AND KIDS SEND THAT SELF SERVING ASSHAT KODI PACKING…He is a psychological abuser to those kids and his wives. It’s alllll about him. He’s MAD she bought a dog to cheer up their emotionally broken children, REALLY? What a tool! It wasn’t for him soooo”
  • “Kody doesn’t like dogs or dogs the other wives had thru the year’s? What an ahole!”

Plenty more critics went off about Kody not liking dogs and being so selfish. Others can’t get over how he ever got one wife, never mind four to live with him. What do you think? Do you think Kody’s behaving particularly badly on this season of the TLC show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news and views on the Brown family from Sister Wives.

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