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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star David Eason’s Post About His Childhood Defines The Man Fans Love To Hate

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Teen Mom 2 fans love to hate David Eason. Initially, the man Jenelle Evans married featured on MTV in 2016. Back then, he quickly attracted plenty of fans to his Instagram. In 2017, when the couple married, thousands of congrats went out to David and Jenelle. But, he soon started losing favor with fans.

Now, he’s off the MTV show and haters abound on his social media. But, an interesting post about his childhood might reveal why he was probably always on the road to unpopularity.

Teen Mom 2 stars David and Jenelle’s posts on social media brought criticism

TV Shows Ace reported in late December, that David slaughtered and ate his pigs on the “The land.” Many horrified followers thought that simply the worst thing to do. In fact, some of them reminded followers that he killed Nugget the dog. For those people raised in cities across the USA, killing animals for food is simply barbarous. While many fans argued that it’s less traumatic than killing animals during mass-production, he still got a lot of hate. But, homesteaders in North Carolina often raise their animals and kill them for consumption.

Teen Mom 2 followers also hated that David boasted about hunting, carried guns, and killed fish that he ate. In fact, hate for Jenelle also rose after they saw her helping raise ducks and chickens that later ended up on the dinner table.

A wide gap between people with hunting, fishing, woodmen interests arose. On David’s social media, the contrasting opinions between those fans and city-raised fans became evident. People reported last year, that furious fans ranted after he posed with a Confederate flag. Its’ not illegal, but coupled with seemingly racist tweets that got him fired from MTV,  critics felt he was wrong to display it. In the minds of many, the flag’s a symbol of racial aggression.

New post about his childhood might explain David Eason’s mindset

Criticism didn’t stop at David’s southern-style life preferences. Jenelle reported him as assaulting her. Although she later retracted it, fans felt the man probably really did hurt her. And, when it came to the killing of Nugget the dog, fans went crazy with hate. But, it seemed David saw nothing wrong with killing an animal that threatened his kids. Recall, he claimed the dog nipped his daughter Ensley’s face. Could his new post shed some insights into the man who, as an adult, steps on so many toes?

On his post on Saturday, the Teen Mom 2 alum shared a photo of an old shed. He captioned it with, “My home town, all the little nooks and crannies, all the history.” Tagged as Currie, NC, he added, ” the old houses near the river and the fact that they have been through dozens of floods but still standing strong. This place reminds me of who I am, the things I did as a kid is what I still like to do.”

Nostalgically, he mentioned, “I still set my fishing lines in the same spots I always have.”

Family traditions and values in David’s family

David explained how he still does the thing his “Deddy did with [his] Granny when he was a kid.” 

Then, David noted, “Family tradition is more than a set of rules. It’s a personality trait that is shared between an entire family.”

It looks like he plans no major changes in life either. David wrote, “Don’t let people convince you to change, stay true to yourself and your family values. There is a reason your ancestors lived the way they did, learn from their past and stay true to your roots.”

Well, looking back at the history of Currie in North Carolina, the tradition in rural towns dates back a long time. In the old days, those included the wife staying home, raising the children, and helping with agricultural work on settlements. Many of the men hunted, fished, and some enjoyed their liquor after a hard day.

At one time, they were also fiercely confederate. Possibly, one could term these men with the old rather admired expression, “men’s men.” Certainly, not all, North Carolina men hold these values today. In fact, now falling out of favor, a more liberal attitude makes David Eason seem very outdated in the minds of many Teen Mom 2 fans.

Will David change his ways?

Probably, in David’s mind and family tradition, he sees nothing wrong with his behavior at all. Certainly, many fans still follow him who like him a lot. But, more people live in cities. They make up the majority of the MTV audience. It looks like his childhood defined the man, and he’s not likely to change to suit fans of a reality TV show.

What do you think about David’s traditions and family values? Do you think they will always define the man that fans love to hate? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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