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‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Does Tami Take Fred & Leave Lip?

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Tonight’s episode of Shameless is a bit emotional for fans of Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White). As last week’s episode hinted, Lip may be leaving his family and moving to Milwaukee.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not watched tonight’s new episode yet.  

Things become real for Lip when Tami (Kate Miner) revealed that she has officially quit her job. “Burned that bridge,” she announced as she dropped in to see Lip at work. Tami proceeded to reveal that she’d already found a new salon she could work at once they moved. Then, she added that she even had a connection so Lip could continue to be a mechanic once they move as well.

Lip spends the episode trying to find ways out of moving.

Fans watch tonight as Lip spends most of the episode trying to find ways to get out of moving away from his family. As those who have watched Shameless from the beginning know, the Gallagher family is extremely close. Fiona just left them recently and Lip doesn’t know if he’s willing to do the same.

Perhaps perceived as a sign, Lip finds a solution to his problem when a home just down the street from his family home becomes available. Lip tries showing the home to Tami but she describes it as a “sh*thole.” She also takes issue with the fact that the house is so close to the Gallagher home. Is he not interested in moving out and starting a new life with her? Or, is Tami too good to be a Gallagher?

Toward the end of the episode, Lip has a heart to heart with his youngest sibling Liam. He realizes Liam still spends a significant amount of time at home alone despite being such a young child. As Lip makes conversation with him Liam reveals that it’s pretty normal for him to be at the house by himself. Some fans assume this is likely the moment when Lip finally realizes he really can’t leave his family behind.

So, he makes the decision to rent the home down the street. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of doing it without taking to Tami. And, she’s not happy about it.

He tries to explain why he can’t move to Tami, but she isn’t interested.

When Lip tells Tami he decided to rent the house down the street, she instantly storms out of the RV and leaves. Lip chases after her to try and talk about it. He proceeds to give a very tear jerking speech regarding all the reasons why he can’t leave.

Among his many reasons includes the fact that they don’t have anyone where they are moving to. He wants Fred to know his family and Tami’s. He continues to explain that his son won’t get to know anyone if they leave.

The episode ends with Tami doing what she’s been known to do best and storming off without having any kind of conversation regarding it.

Unfortunately, the teaser from next week’s episode suggests Tami packs Fred up in her vehicle and leaves Lip behind. Is Lip going to lose Tami and his son?

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