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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Offer Advice On Keeping Blayke Busby Flu-Free

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As OutDaughtered fans know, things aren’t great in the Busby home right now.

Here’s what’s going on on the Busby home according to Instagram.

Danielle Busby took to Instagram recently to reveal she was extremely ill. She went to urgent care. She, however, learned she didn’t have the flu. She had a wealth of other health issues. And, got put on a lot of medication.

Adam Busby also took to Instagram recently. One by one the flu made its way through his home. It took out each of the quints. As of 48 hours ago, all five quints were in bed sick.

Presently, just daddy Busby and their oldest daughter Blayke have managed to avoid getting sick. Unsurprisingly, Busby has received all sorts of advice from the doctors of Instagram regarding what to do and how to handle the situation.

Naturally, OutDaughtered fans fear the worst for both Blayke and Adam. As Adam tends to the needs of his wife and his five sick children, fans assume it is only a matter of time before he gets sick as well.

OutDaughtered fans offer a wealth of advice on how to keep Blayke from getting sick.

The comments on Adam’s most recent Instagram post contains a wealth of advice from Instagram doctors. Some offer advice on how to tend to the sick. Some offer advice on how to protect himself. The overwhelming majority, however, remain concerned with keeping Blayke Busby healthy.

One pretty popular piece of advice that skyrocketed to the top of the comments was keeping Blayke Busby out of the home until her sisters were feeling better. Couldn’t she go stay with her uncle or a friend? This suggestion, however, had just as many people shooting it down. Some of his followers noted this type of advice was exactly how the flu got spread to other households. Just because Blayke wasn’t sick didn’t mean she wasn’t carrying the flu virus around with her.

Other OutDaughtered fans encouraged Adam to make sure that both he and Blayke wore gloves and masks as much as possible inside of the home. Some also discouraged him and Blayke from touching their face unless they’d completely sanitized their hands first.

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Quint Number 5 is down for the count. FLU count in the Busby house is up to 6 now. Parker started with fever last night, right before bed. Last night was pretty rough. I slept on the couch, to keep my distance from Danielle since she has it. Also,to wake up if any of the girls needed anything through night. They started waking up at around 2 and then every hour on. At one point Olivia started screaming because she was throwing up. I ran through the foyer to head up stairs and my feel wet air from under me at the base of the stairs. I think i pulled or tore something in my arm, trying to catch my fall on the banister. Night 1 down… we are all hurting in one way or another. Blayke is at school, but tomorrow is Saturday. Praying that we can keep her healthy. #outdaughtered #itsabuzzworld

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“Tamiflu has the side effect of vomiting. I’m sure you knew that already and you may not of given it to them. Just thought I’d pass my knowledge along in case you didn’t know. I hope you and Blayke can stay fly free. Also if you don’t already. Elderberry is great for warding off the flu,” one individual penned in a comment.

Notably, Elderberry and essential oils were both extremely popular suggestions made by several of his followers.

Do you think Adam will be able to keep himself and his daughter Blayke Busby from getting the flu as well? Sound off in the comments down below.


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