‘OutDaughtered’ Star Adam Busby Shares His Thoughts On Flu Shots

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The trolls were out in full swing after OutDaughtered fans learned the flu was running rampant in Adam Busby’s home.

As we previously reported, it was roughly 24 hours ago that Adam took to Instagram to announce that all five quints and his wife Danielle are in bed sick. Adam is currently doing what he can to keep himself and their oldest daughter Blayke flu free.

It didn’t take long for trolls to surface on Adam Busby’s Instagram post.

Unfortunately for Adam Busby, every couch doctor on Instagram was out in full swing. One was even quick to blame Adam and his wife Danielle as the reason the flu was running rampant in their household.

Adam Busby Instagram
[Adam Busby Instagram]
One Instagram follower in a comment that appears to have since been removed quickly questioned if Danielle and Adam bothered getting flu shots for their children. The individual indirectly insinuated the situation could have been avoided if the girls had flu shots.

In addition to currently being super dad, Adam Busby has never been one to shy away from social media trolls. Adam quickly clapped back at the Instagram troll. He noted that the flu shot is known to have just a “50% chance of effectiveness against strain B.”

While the conversation is no longer on his Instagram post, Adam made it pretty clear he didn’t think a flu shot would have prevented his daughters from getting sick. At one point in time his response accumulated nearly 150 likes. So, at least some of his followers agreed with him.

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It’s been a long week and it’s getting worse! 🤒🤧😷Went to urgent care Monday to find out I don’t have the flu or strep but yet have bronchitis and ear infections… 4 days of antibiotics, steroids,cough meds and inhaler…I still feel horrible. Back to doctor today and there it was! Positive Flu B 😤😭 I kept saying this whole week, I have the flu …i know i do…bc I haven’t ever felt like this with bronchitis! And since I’m 5 days in I can’t take tamaflu so here is to another 5-10 days that i can still be sick! #theworse #aintgottimeforthat As a mom of 6, nothing is harder to do than take care of kids when you are sick. It’s so hard! Thankfully Buzz isnt sick! Dads on duty 🤪😘 So peeps….I’m bored of laying around, coughing my lungs up, aching everywhere…and i need something to binge! Comment below on something binge worthy ☺️

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According to InTouch Weekly, that wasn’t the end of the conversation. In fact, it appeared as if the individual worked in the healthcare industry.

“We heard, but they told us even with it you can still get another strain but most get lesser versions. That is what happened with us. So luckily I didn’t quite feel like death. Hopefully, the rest of you stay healthy, hope she feels better.”

The individual added in a third response: “Sorry that wasn’t meant as criticism, I’m at work I hit enter too soon LOL. I work for [a] hospital and we have to get it, and yet many still caught it.”

Many healthcare professionals aren’t claiming the flu shot will prevent you from getting sick.

This Instagram user was quick to clarify they were not intending to troll Adam and his family. The individual, like many health care professionals, explained they do not believe the flu shot prevents you from getting sick. They, however, believe it can curb the symptoms of the flu to make a person feel a little less like they are dying.

Where you you stand on the topic of whether to get a flu shot? It doesn’t appear as if Adam Busby sees any value of them. Sound off in the comments down below.

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