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‘Duggar’: Jill Dillard Denies She Hates Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

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Duggar fans often wonder just how much Jill Dillard enjoys raising her boys. She homeschools them and often posts about how weary she is. Meanwhile, fans sometimes wonder if Derick brings in an income for the family. After all, he’s pretty much a full-time student. Between balancing what looks like tight budgets and busy kids, Jill sometimes looks tired and unhappy. Now, she denied that she hates being a stay-at-home mom.

Duggar daughters raised their own siblings, Jill Dillard’s been a ‘mom’ most of her life

Fans of 19 Kids and Counting know that Michelle Duggar trained her daughters to help raise the other kids. Most of them, like Jill, left home, married, and now raise their own kids. Life for the Duggar girls pretty much looks like being a mom or surrogate mom, is part of life. For Jill, the difference is that she and Derick earn nothing from TLC, and he works hard studying law. So, there’s no flamboyant lifestyle and upward trending publicity like Jinger Vuolo gets.

TV Shows Ace reported in September last year, that Derick sometimes delivers orders for Grubhub and gets temporary work elsewhere. But, their purse sounds a bit tight.  Possibly that’s why so often, Jill’s photos show the Duggar daughter looking tired or stressed. Cheatsheet noted that in her Instagram Stories, Jill shared about “how difficult it can be to get Israel and Samuel to nap.” She spoke about how stressful she finds it putting them down, and then even finds it the same when they awaken. Maybe she’s just very tired and could use a nap herself from time to time.

Jill says she likes raising her kids, denies she hates it

On Friday this week, Jill posted another photo to her Instagram about the kids napping. She captioned it with, “Got kiddos down for naps…whew!…Now taking a breather and starting my Bible study/devo time with some of my fave candy.” Naturally, people got to talking about various bible studies. Others also talked about kids and napping on the Duggar daughter’s post. But some got a bit concerned and critical.

One follower wrote, “Jesus, Jill put Izzy in school, Sam in daycare and go back to school or work.” They added, “Your story is beyond heartbreaking. It’s OKAY not to be a stay at home mom, it’s okay not to like it, but it’s not okay to be constantly overwhelmed and sad.” Then the follower told Jill, “You need to be happy too and if that’s outside the home, that’s okay!” Finally, they mentioned, ” You raised your parents kids for enough years at home, you deserve to focus on yourself now.” But, Jill denied she hates raising her kids.

Derick’s wife responds to follower about her kids

In response to the critical, yet concerned writer, Jill replied. She first thanked them for their concern. But then noted, “I do love my current job at home with the boys tho.” Plus, she said that it doesn’t matter where people work as sometimes things get “crazy.”  Then she reassured the follower that the couple actually “revaluate goals regularly.”

However, Jill Duggar also said that there’s “season” for everything. “And right now…I’m actually quite content with where I’m at.” Finally, she reminded them that “social media doesn’t show someone’s entire life.”


Well, that’s true enough. Maybe in the future Jill will share more of her happier moments at home with the boys. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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