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‘Racing Wives’ Samantha Busch Advises On Being Kind & Miscarriages

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As those who follow Racing Wives star Samantha Busch and her husband Kyle know, the couple has struggled with creating a family over the years.

According to NBC Sports, the couple used in-vitro fertilization to bring their son Brexton back in 2015. After multiple failed attempts, the couple announced they were pregnant with their second child in November of 2018. A little over a week later, Samantha suffered a miscarriage.

Samantha Busch’s history and experience has made her well-versed in miscarriage etiquette

There is a way you should talk to people who have experienced a miscarriage and a way you shouldn’t. Racing Wives star Samantha Busch recently created a TikTok video about miscarriages. Yesterday, she also shared the video clip on her Instagram Stories.

The video clip kicked off by quoting some of the things people commonly say to someone who recently suffered a miscarriage. The video features Samantha pointing out the quotes and shaking her head in disbelief while rolling her eyes.

“At least you weren’t that far along,” the first quote reads.

The second one reads: “It will happen when you stop thinking about it.”

“At least you have one!” A third says.

A fourth says: “It’s a blessing in disguise.”

During the entire clip, Samantha is rocking a light green sweatshirt that says “it’s cool to be kind” across it in pink letters.

The video, however, doesn’t target how people should talk to someone who has had a miscarriage.

Racing Wives star Samantha Busch made the video for those who have suffered a miscarriage. Once she finished showing quotes, she called attention to everyone sick of hearing these types of things.

Samantha Busch
[Samantha Busch’s Instagram Story]
Then, she started to speak instead of using text quotes. She told people it was important to “be kind.” She continued to explain that miscarriages make people uncomfortable. People tend to say hurtful things such as what she displayed in the video because they aren’t sure what to say.

[Samantha Busch’s Instagram Story]
Busch ended the video by encouraging her followers to be open and honest with the people in their life regarding miscarriages.

While her TikTok video hasn’t accumulated tons of attention, those who did comment on in were quick to note how much they loved the Racing Wives star and her husband Kyle. Others agreed that they hated when people said these types of things to them regarding miscarriages.

Samantha Busch
[Samantha Busch’s Instagram Story]
Did you know Samantha suffered a miscarriage and struggled with fertility? Sound off in the comments down below.

You can watch the video on TikTok.


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