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‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10: Last Two Couples Take Vows, Two Brides in a Bathroom

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Married at First Sight is now fully launched and legal for Season 10, and this week’s January 15 episode, “I Married a Stranger” took Meka Jones and Michael Watson to the altar, as well as Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice.  The experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles, all had very high hopes for these matches, praising all the traits and values they have in common, and how they potentially could fill in one another’s gaps if they trust the Married at First Sight process.

Meka has a ‘Married at First Sight’ meltdown

The anxiety reached meltdown stage for Meka, who feared her wedding dress looked like a “freak show” up top, rather than the portrait of “my best self” which she envisioned.  After some comforting and reassurance from her bridesmaids, and visits from her aunt and mother, Meka stood ready to take her Married at First Sight plunge with her waiting groom.  Although she said, “I’m about to swoop out of here like Cinderella,” her mother’s words that she would be “a beautiful bride and a beautiful wife” must have worked.  She confidently introduced herself with a broad smile, playfully teasing that her groom “looks more nervous than me.”

Another bride had personal and unique reasons for needing extra support for her special day.

Mindy and Zach make the most of their ‘Married at First Sight’ moments

Mindy Shiben shed tears in the two weeks before her wedding day, both her father and her mother declined to be present for the start of her arranged marriage.  Her little sister was also not there.  Her closest sister, Taj, however, was at her side in strong support.  “They can’t stop your happiness today,” she assured Mindy as she prepared to walk to her groom alone.  Several guests did comment about the four empty chairs on the front row.  Zach Justice wasn’t daunted, and his touching vows and romantic flourish struck the perfect chord with his bride.

Mindy did make her walk alone to Zach, and he welcomed her with warm chivalry.  “Where have you been ?“ he asked with an embrace.  Mindy pledged to make Zach “the happiest man alive” and to “listen to, laugh with, and eventually love you” her husband.  He affirmed to make Mindy feel like “the most beautiful woman in the world” and to make her feel “safe” physically and emotionally.  That promise probably meant the most to this bride, who has endured the loss of a sister by suicide and a miscarriage before her vows.  Zach took the romantic quotient to the stratosphere when he asked “Do you trust me?” to close his vows, and then knelt on one knee, asking, “Will you marry me?” adding the question that most Married at First Sight bribes never get to hear.

Mindy’s smile said more than words as she and Zach posed for wedding photos, praising one another for being good kissers.  Zach did include that he loved “his hair” as much as his dogs in his wedding introduction, but he truly seemed intent on giving Mindy her dream wedding.  He didn’t press much on the issue of her missing family members, feeling that she would divulge more on her own. During their departure from their reception, she praised that “he already respects me so much.”

Never know what will happen on a ‘Married at First Sight’ bathroom break

Among the fondest memories from these weddings was when Mindy and Jessica Studer almost ran into each other, literally, in the ladies’ room.  Both brides were giddy to see each other, and couldn’t wait to share the joy of their few hours in Married at First Sight bliss.  Mindy and Jessica shared their husbands’ names and a few standout descriptions, like Zach’s personal trainer body for Mindy, and it was clear that these ladies were pleased to have taken this plunge.  “You could see pure joy” Jessica described of Mindy’s face.

Powering through together

Meka and Michael exchanged very brief but powerful vows.  Michael pledged “the best of myself” to his bride. “I choose you today, and the day after, and the day after,” he assured her. Meka pledged her hard work and commitment, “even through the rough times,” and to give “100% to the process, because we’re married.”

These newlyweds made a marvelous looking couple in their photos.  Meka actually looked quite at ease, even teaching Michael how to dip.  During their dance, however, her standoffishness returned.  Michael assured her during their champagne toast that he was “not a green card husband,” taking a jab at the “90 Day Fiancée” franchise.  He told her that they would “power through” these initial feelings together.  Meka was pleased that there were not “awkward silences” between them, and Michael’s friends and family gave her a seal of approval.  Tossing the bouquet, snagging the garter, and dancing their night away were relished by all the couples.

The receptions offered peeks of five Married at First Sight couples, and even though Taylor Dunklin appeared to be more relaxed with her groom, Brandon Reid and even praising how Married at First Sight had managed to find “someone so much like me” as she told his mom, news from this morning on TV Shows Ace has already confirmed as of January 16, the annulment of the marriage by Brandon Reid.

Things were going far better for Derek Sherman after the nuptials. He had a heart-to-heart with Katie’s dad, Dante, who credited the experts for his current son-in-law. Katie’s bridal party got more than a little graphic in talking to Derek about “the fire” that Katie required when it came to passion.  Derek didn’t even have a single word to say about the encounter and she wasn’t saying enough with her girls in the bathroom.

Serious questions and silly string

Jessica was just as joyful as any bride could be with Austin Hurd.   He got a grilling from her bridal party, too.  Instead of wedding night options, Jennifer, Jessica’s sister asked: “what can you bring to the table?”  His response was “loyalty” and that seemed to please everyone.  They assured the groom that his new wife preferred simple, personal things more than a “Gucci purse” and that he could even serve a chicken dinner after her long shifts to make her night.

These two take the prize for topping their ceremony and reception in the sweetest way.  Jessica and Austin were drenched in silly string as they left for the night.  She styled her groom in confetti couture before they headed for their honeymoon suite.

Judging from the previews and a January 15 Yahoo report, Married at First Sight Season 10 seems destined for deep desire and the depths of pain, with rumors of secrets, issues with intimacy, and just learning the ropes of being married.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.  Let’s hope that with one already down, at least some of these couples make a go of lasting love.

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