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‘RHOC’: Vicki Gunvalson Inspires A Fan Now Living Their Best Life, Wants To Know More

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RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson’s been enjoying her vacation since New Year’s. First, she went off on a cruise, but she stayed in touch with her fans. One thing that Vicki’s fans know, is she loves meeting them. Haters seldom see the nicer side to the Bravo star, but those fans who met her loved the experience. Now, she heard from a fan that they got inspired by her. Vicki was intrigued and asked for more info.

RHOC– Vicki Gunavalson revisits her favorite vacation spot

TV Shows Ace reported that since she denied allegations of homophobia against Braunwyn and Tamra, Vicki’s been away on a cruise. While she sailed off into the ocean, she still shared things with her fans. They appreciate that she communicates with them even when the show’s not airing. In fact, we reported that Vicki doesn’t only reply to fans, but she even handles her trolls with a lot of grace and dignity.

Now, she’s off the ship and revisiting her favorite vacation location – Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. Vicki’s been going there for years, and Bravo TV reminded readers she enjoys a lot of fun. They recall that Vicki thought about “opening up a bar.” Fans of Vicki saw her enjoying the place over the years. There, she owns a condo and gets there whenever she can. Now the RHOC star shared a photo of herself with her man at the La Palapa Restaurant.

A fan got inspired by Vicki visiting Puerto Vallarta

On her latest post, a few fans talked about meeting Vicki. And, one who felt too shy to talk to her got a bit chided by The Real Housewives of Orange County star. They wrote, “I saw you there a couple years ago. I wanted sooo to say hi. But that would be crazy stalker fan 😂😂.” But, Vicki replied saying, “Nah..,please say hi! I love it when people are so nice to us,” Another fan talked about how they ran up to Vicki at the 4th of July parade in Huntington Beach a couple years ago. They said that they got a “great selfie” with her.

Then another fan of the show told Vicki that in a way, they got inspired to live their dream through Vicki. They wrote, “I hope to see you out! You’re the reason I found out about PV and moved here almost 4 years ago. I now own a brand new hotel here and life couldn’t be any better. Cheers!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Well, Vicki could have just ignored the RHOC fan, but, she reached out wanting to know a bit more.

Vicki wants to know more about the inspired fan, and so do other fans

Notably, the fan never gave the name of the hotel initially, though pressed on it, they did share an IG link. This seemed to be a genuine shoutout rather than a sales pitch. And, Vicki answered them, saying, “DM about it. I’d love to hear more. There is something magical here.” The fan then came back to say they sent the DM and hoped to meet somewhere. Hopefully, she meets this person who got the idea to move there from Vicki Gunvalson.

While that fan might not have been pushing a sales pitch, other fans urged them for the name of it. One of them said, “what’s the name of your hotel? I want to visit but not sure what resort to stay in.” The fan with the hotel suggested they stay away from resorts. In their description of the boutique hotel, they wrote about being just “blocks to the beach, surrounded by amazing restaurants, taco carts, bars, and shops.” It sounds really nice too, as they also have “an elevator, rooftop pool,” and more. This fan might get more business just because Vicki was kind enough to respond to the comment.

Fans of Vicki know the real person off-screen is often kind and supportive of her fans. What do you think about this fan getting inspired by Vicki’s vacations to Puerto Vallarta over the years? Are you glad that they sound like they live their best life now? Do you love it that Vicki wanted to know more about it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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