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‘Unexpected’: Hailey 2 Says ‘Nobody Knows The Real Story’

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Viewers of TLC’s Unexpected might recall how Hailey Tilford, who is better known as Hailey 2, and Matthew Blevins started dating. While Matthew was with Hailey Tomlinson (Hailey 1), he cheated on her with Hailey 2.

The two obviously split up. Then, on the two-part Tell-All, Matthew and Hailey 2 revealed that they are expecting. They’re having a baby boy in April and shared that they’re naming him Levi Lee.

Right now, Hailey 2 and Matthew aren’t together. They have been off and on for a long time, so Unexpected fans are sometimes confused about what’s going on. Fortunately, Hailey 2 is very public on social media. She has been sharing on her Instagram stories lately.

Unexpected: Hailey 2 goes on rant

Hailey 2 posted on her Instagram stories on Thursday night. Hailey 2 has been posting on her Instagram stories a lot lately. This is where she spills the tea about her relationship with Matthew. She recently posted on her stories and answered some of the pregnancy questions she has received from her followers.

It seems that Hailey 2 received some backlash for the answers she shared. She often gets hate for the things she posts on social media.

In her answers, she revealed that she would likely be raising Levi on her own. She also shared that Levi would have her last name “as of right now.”

Now, she has gone on a little rant on her Instagram stories. She typed up a couple of long posts about her son. In the first one, she wrote, “I am the one carrying my son for 9 months, pushing him out, providing him with what he needs and a home. I will make the decisions for him and if anyone doesn’t like that, BUTT OUT. It’s my child. MINE.”

Whenever drama happens between Hailey 2 and Matthew, Unexpected fans are quick to remind her of Matthew’s past. Matthew broke up with Hailey 1 to be with Hailey 2. Prior to that, Matthew broke up with one of Hailey 1’s friends to be with her. Fans think that Hailey 2 should be aware of his pattern by now.

Plus, he left Hailey 1 to be a single mother. Many fans question why Hailey 2 thought it would be different with her.

Hailey 2 says “nobody knows the real story”

In one of her stories, the Unexpected star Hailey 2 said, “NOBODY knows the REAL story. Nobody knows what happened behind closed doors. I was scared for my life! My child’s safety! I have PROOF of my child’s father threatening me but I can’t post them due to an EPO. He told me to kill myself with my son inside of me! If you care so much about your child then why would you say such things?!”

She continued, “This is MY life and MY CHILD. Idc who likes it or not! He can show effort and fight to PROVE he wants to be in my child’s life. So continue to talk your sh*t. All that matters is my son and HIS safety.”

'Unexpected' Hailey 2 Instagram

'Unexpected' Hailey 2 Instagram

Then, she shared a post from a mom’s page on Instagram. It reads, “IDC how I’m viewed I know I’m a good woman & a great mother”. She placed a handful of exclamation point emojis above the quote, directing attention to it.

What do you think of what Hailey 2 has had to share on social media? Can you believe what Matthew has been saying? Leave a comment below.

Hailey 2 and Matthew have said that they won’t be on Season 4 of Unexpected. It’s expected to air in August 2020, so stay tuned for updates about the premiere date and cast.

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