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‘My 600-LB Life’ Lindsey Witte Weight Loss Update: See Photos

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TLC’s My 600-LB Life is currently airing episodes from Season 8. During episode 2 (which aired on January 8th) viewers met a 39-year-old woman from Iowa named Lindsey Witte. Witte joined the series looking to make pretty large changes to her lifestyle and her overall health. Based on her frequent social media updates, it appears as if she’s continuing to do just that.

My 600-LB Life Star Lindsey Witte’s Story

Lindsey Witte is the name of a woman who weighed over 600 pounds and had a severe addition to eating food. At the start of the episode, it was revealed to fans that she had always been overweight.

Witte had the misfortune of learning poor eating habits from her father. This continued into her adulthood. Back in her 20’s, she did have a gastric sleeve surgery that allowed her to lose a little over 200 pounds. She, however gained most of the weight back by the time she landed in her 30’s.

“I feel like it’s a miracle to still wake up every morning. So the moment I wake up, I say a little prayer – thank you for making me wake up because I’m just terrified of dying in my sleep. My weight’s just gotten to the point to where my body feels like it’s falling apart and I’m in constant pain. To where now I can barely live my life.” Lindsey shared with viewers during the episode.

The young woman had always found food to be comforting.

Lindsey had a rough childhood with an abusive father. She found a great deal of comfort in turning to food. It was something she could depend on when she couldn’t count on her father. Today, Lindsey Witte is happily married to her husband Paul.

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Their marriage, however, wasn’t always perfect. Her husband Paul has his own demons as he struggles with an alcohol addiction. This, unfortunately, caused his wife to continue to turn to her unhealthy eating habits.

She weighted 647 pounds when she stepped on Dr. Younan Nowzaradan‘s scale.

Lindsey ultimately made the decision to temporarily move to Houston. While being away from her husband she managed to lose 131 pounds before she received approval for a life saving surgery.

By the time this week’s episode came to a close, she had loss 173 pounds bringing herself down to an incredible 438 pounds.

Lindsey keeps her fans updated via Facebook and Instagram.

Lindsey Witte has a Facebook group called Second Chance Success – The Real Lindsey Witte. She frequently uploads pictures of herself to inspire those who also want to go on a big weight loss journey.

Witte also keeps her Instagram relatively current with snapshots on her progress.

Did you watch this week’s episode of My 600-LB Life? What do you think of the progress Lindsey has made? Sound off in the comments down below.

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