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‘Welcome To Plathville’: Ethan & Olivia Plath Not Ready For Children Yet

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Welcome to Plathville only aired one six-episode season so far. But, the TLC show generated a lot of interest. Fans quickly took to Olivia, the wife of the Plath’s eldest son Ethan. They also felt sorry for her because it became evident that Ethan’s mom Kim, couldn’t stand her. Some fans thought Ethan came over a bit childlike from his restricted upbringing. Perhaps, that’s why they don’t plan any children yet.

Welcome to Plathville – Ethan Plath never enjoyed holidays like other children

Fans of the TLC show like Ethan, but many of them felt he’s childlike. On Twitter, they sometimes commented that Olivia married a “man-child.” But, Ethan suffered such a restrictive childhood that he only tasted a coke after he married Olivia. The young man also never celebrated a holiday as most people do.

TV Shows Ace reported that this year, Olivia shared about their Christmas.

Similar to the Duggars, the Welcome to Plathville show brought a couple, who believe in strict courting rules. On the show, fans heard that Kim really got a downer on Olivia, as she believed she and Ethan spent “time together alone in the Plath home while they were dating,” Cheatsheet noted.

Apart from that, the family kept contact for the kids to mainly religious circles. In fact, Olivia and Ethan met at a Christian family camp. He was younger than her, and fans think she married an immature, nice man.

Olivia and Ethan are not ready for kids

On Wednesday night, Olivia did a Q&A on Instagram. She answered a lot of questions. But, the first one she said is the most common one lately. A fan asked her, “Do you and Ethan want kids? Sorry if that’s intrusive, but they will be so cute.” In her reply, Olivia talked about how she feels strongly about not having more kids till they can “properly raise and manage.” Fans know that Ethan has eight siblings and one that died young.

Olivia also mentioned that she doesn’t mean just “financial” means need to be healthy. She noted that their “social and psychological” needs also need to be met. Plus, she said that they still grow themselves, so they feel it “unfair” right now to “put a child in the midst of that.”

In fact, she described the Welcome To Plathville couple a “babies.” Nevertheless, when they feel ready, they plan on a “couple of cute kids.”

welcome to plathville ethan and olivia plath
Olivia Plath – Instagram Stories

That sound sounds they practice some sort of birth control, which no doubt, annoys mother Kim as well. What do you think about Olivia and Ethan Plath not yet being ready to have children? Do you think they still need to do a lot of growing up as Ethan discovers the real world? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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