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Chris Harrison Reveals ‘Bachelor’ Secrets

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Chris Harrison is the master of all Bachelor knowledge. With the premiere on Monday, now’s the time to learn it all, and luckily, he’s willing to spill on some of it.

Chris Harrison talks ‘Bachelor’ secrets

Chris Harrison sat down with Lauren Zima after the season premiere of The Bachelor on Monday and spilled some behind the scenes info about how the show goes Yahoo says.

First, he talked about how the girls come up with their introductions. Turns out the rather interesting ideas aren’t all theirs. Apparently once the girls fly into LA they talk with Chris and the producers to come up with the perfect introduction to the new Bachelor.

Chris says that if everyone just introduced themselves like normal, it just wouldn’t be that exciting. Poor girls who go down for having a weird introduction. Not like they are meeting their potential husband or anything.

“When people are showing up in windmills and suitcases and all that, yeah, I’ll throw some lines out every now and then. You know, some one-liners,” Chris said. “You know, I got the dad jokes. I like to share.”

Let’s get to the real question

The real question everyone has been dying to know the answer to…do the girls steal The Bachelor on their own? Or, do the producers push them to do it? “Stealing” Peter was a super common occurrence on Monday night especially with the first impression rose winner, Hannah Ann. Sometimes it seems like it may be genuine, but other times it seems like maybe producers are just trying to boost drama.

Turns out, it can be a little of both. Chris revealed that sometimes the girls just go and steal him, but other times the producers nudge them when they haven’t had any time with him. It still seems like maybe stealing him three times is excessive…but I guess persistence is a way to true love.

That’s not all

Chris Harrison talked about a variety of things in his interview in addition to the stealing and the pick-up lines. He also talked about date ideas, how filming works and even how they remember everyone’s names at the rose ceremony. After all, Peter did meet like 30 different girls in one night. It would be so hard to remember all their names.

Chris revealed that it is really hard to memorize, so they have the Bachelor make a list and then just take time to memorize it. Chris says he doesn’t want them to be prompted at all.

“We’re watching the premiere and some of them are leaving and I’m thinking, ‘There’s no way that woman was on the show.’ The worst is when I’m in public and I run into somebody who says, ‘Do you remember me from 10 years ago? I left night one.’ I’m like, ‘Wow. That was hundreds of thousands of people ago. I’m sorry,”‘ Chris said.

Are you surprised by these Bachelor facts? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to watch Peter’s season of The Bachelor every Monday night.

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