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Peter Weber Almost Quit ‘The Bachelor’ To Be With Hannah Brown

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Peter Weber has talked a little bit since the emotional reunion with Hannah Brown aired in the first episode. He said he thought he had gotten over Hannah until she showed up on his season. He said when he sees her he just wants to kiss her and be with her.

Weber said the conversation wasn’t planned for the show. He said a producer told him Hannah was having a hard time so he went to check on her. What followed was an emotional conversation where Hannah Brown cried and her mascara ran. Peter basically told her he didn’t want to be anyone’s third choice. He said to camera later he wanted someone to want him as much as he did. He’d been so sure Hannah was going to choose him it had blindsided him when he was sent home.

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Did Peter Weber Consider Giving Up Being The Bachelor?

According to Inquisitr Peter Weber said, “I definitely considered quitting the show in that moment.” He said he considered it and knows how insane it sounds. He said had she asked him out instead of Tyler Cameron after Jed fell through he would have said yes.

Fans are now wondering if maybe the two ended up together after his season after all. He’s said to multiple sources people won’t be able to guess the end of his season. The only other thing he said about it was he didn’t expect it to go the way it did. Since the last scene had a To Be Continued title card, fans have to wait until next week to see how that conversation goes.

What Are The Fans Thinking About This Development?

Fans are on both sides of this situation. Some think Hannah Brown had her chance. They want her to leave Peter Weber to find his wife in peace. Others want to see them together. Fans will continue to speculate and over-analyze every Instagram post any contestants or players in the Bachelor world make until they truly see what’s happening.

While there have been spoilers leaked about hometown visits and even final two, no one seems to know what the end game was. It’s possible the final hasn’t happened yet and that’s why no one can find out what’s happening. Fans just want Peter Weber to find his soul mate and it seems this season is going to be full of drama. Everyone is ready for a crazy ride.

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