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‘The Bachelor’ 2020: Could Peter Weber End Up With Hannah B?

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Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor 2020 will start airing on Monday night. Reality Steve can usually spoil the entire season before it starts, but this time around he hasn’t been able to do that. Today Steve went to his Instagram to share a live video that was about 45 minutes long. If you listen, it sounds like there is a chance that Hannah and Peter end up together.

Hannah B shows up on The Bachelor

Hannah B will show up on night one of The Bachelor 2020. She gets out of the limo last and talks to Peter. The thing is she doesn’t stick around. Instead, she is just there as a friend to give Peter his wings back that he gave her.

Reality Steve Instagram

Hannah will leave after that, but she also shows up on a group date towards the end of the episode. When she shows up, she is on a stage telling her story about her fun times with Peter in the windmill. After that, the girls all have to tell their own sexual stories.

Hannah B and Peter talk

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber end up sitting down to talk on The Bachelor on night one. They both make it clear that they are having issues with seeing each other in person.

After this, Hannah Brown doesn’t stay on the show. She ends up going back to film Dancing With the Stars. What everyone sees go down on Monday was filmed months ago. As of right now, Reality Steve doesn’t even know who Peter picks. He knows the final two, but there is a pretty good chance that it could end up being neither of them.

Peter will even tell Hannah that he wished that she had asked him out on a date instead of Tyler C. Well things didn’t work out with Tyler and Hannah has made it clear she isn’t dating Alan her partner from Dancing With the Stars.

As of right now, nobody knows who Peter Weber ends up with, but it could end up being Hannah Brown. The fans would not be shocked at all if that is how it went down.

Don’t miss The Bachelor with Peter Weber when it starts airing on Monday, January 6, 2020. The first night is a big three-hour premiere.

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