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Recent Photo Has Fans Convinced Lauren Duggar Is Unhappily Married

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The unfortunate truth is that in any reality TV series family, the Duggars included, there is someone at the top of who fans like most and who they like least.

Between social media chatter and Counting On fan reactions, Lauren Swanson may just be the least favorite Duggar-in-law of the bunch.

Counting On fans haven’t had great things to say about Lauren since she married into the family.

According to Cheat Sheet, Counting On fans have had a lot to say about Lauren since she married Josiah Duggar back in 2018. Unfortunately, none of it has been very positive.

For starters, she was accused of being a drama queen. She’s also been accused of being a Josie Bates knock-off.

Despite Duggar fans making it clear they don’t care for her, they still share compassion when it counts. In fact, many are starting to express concern for the mother-of-one’s well-being and mental health.

Jana recently shared Duggar Christmas photos on Instagram.

While Christmas of 2019 has come and gone, fans are still obsessed with the Duggar Christmas. After all, the TLC family is huge. So, there is a lot to take in as fans browse the different photos and videos. For a while, it is easy to spot something new every time you take a look around.

Some eagle-eye fans have begun to grow concerned about how Lauren Duggar appeared in the photos. More specifically, she didn’t appear to be enjoying herself. Noticing how unhappy she looked in the photo, fans started to question why she might look unhappy.

This, of course, caused some fans to question if things were alright in her marriage. With so many focused on Jill and Derick not attending the party. Followed by the attention shifting to Derick’s outburst on Instagram, Lauren’s appearance at the party was initially overlooked.

According to Cheat Sheet, it was the eagle-eyed Duggar fans of Reddit that called attention to just how miserable Lauren looked at the party.

In one photo, Lauren was sitting by herself on the couch. She didn’t appear to be happy. And, she was alone. In another photo, she was holding her daughter on the couch. She, however, was still fairly distant from the rest of the family. Was there some reason why?

Her choice in attire also attracted attention in Facebook fan groups.

The chatter in Facebook fan groups focused on what Lauren opted to wear to the party. She almost appeared to be rocking a mysterious disguise costume of some sort. It looked as if she was trying to disappear in the background. Or, as if she was ready to run away.

Was there a reason why she looked so distant and unhappy in these photos? Fans have some theories.

Fans suspect Lauren and Josiah are not in a happy marriage.

Many Counting On fans have suspected Josiah and Lauren’s marriage isn’t going to last. This sad photo is just the latest piece of evidence to support this theory. Some fans even believed Josiah would have been happier with Marjorie Jackson, whom he courted back in 2015.

Some Counting On fans also speculate Josiah might not be into women at all. With as many children as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has, statistically, it would make sense for one (or a few) of them to be homosexual. Some fans suspect that if Josiah isn’t into women, their marriage probably isn’t in a good place. There, however, isn’t much evidence to support this theory.

According to iHeart, there was a time where fans believed Josiah was sent off to an IBLP program because he was a homosexual.

Another fan theory is that Lauren and Josiah were forced to get married. It has long been believed that all Duggar marriages are arranged. Or, at least, very heavily influenced. For example, many suspected Josh’s marriage to Anna was arranged to cover up his inappropriate behavior with his sisters.

According to Cheat Sheet, the rumor surrounding Josiah surfaced because Jim Bob Duggar allegedly found a secret Facebook profile belonging to Josiah. The profile was rumored to be secular. There, however, was never any solid evidence to support this theory either.

Moreover, there was a time during an episode of 19 Kids and Counting where Lauren suggested her marriage was arranged.

Unfortunately, only time will tell if the marriage between the duo is doomed.

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