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Reality Steve Reveals First Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’ Will Shock And Confuse Everyone

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Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor looks like it will be anything but boring. The season has not even aired yet and it has everyone talking. Reality Steve shared tons of details about the 3 hour premiere that will have fans talking, shocked and very confused. Steve went to Instagram Live to share this information Saturday morning. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Steve reveals first five minutes will have everyone talking

Reality Steve is breaking down the first five minutes for everyone. He says, unlike any other season, Peter’s will begin with a flash forward to the final rose ceremony in Australia. Viewers will see host Chris Harrison walking up to Peter at the ceremony location. He says to him, “Before you do what you’re about to do, there is something you should know…something I just found out, all of us just found out…I’m not sure how this all ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads up.” Peter starts walking around and says he feels like he is going to pass out. Another clip shows Peter laying on his bed in his rose ceremony suit saying it was the last thing he needed to hear right now. He is clearly distraught.

The show then goes into the season preview. The last 20 seconds of the clip is Peter’s mother, Barbara, crying and telling him, “Don’t let her go, don’t let her go…(camera pans to Peter)…bring her home to us.” Steve has said the last line of “bring her home to us” could just be a voice over from another part of the show. Either way fans will be talking. Also, while Steve does not know when this conversation with his mother takes place exactly.

The season preview ultimately ends with a clip of Peter holding a ring and a voice over saying, “When I love someone, I don’t care how hard it looks, I will never surrender. Because I do believe love conquers all.”

Scenes with Hannah Brown bring even more confusion

There is a lot to digest and take in during the 3 hour premiere Monday night. Reality Steve has done a great job of breaking down what happens between Peter and Hannah Brown. When he first sees Hannah step out of the limo, Steve reveals that you can see there is some unresolved feelings between the two. However, ultimately she walks up to him and gives him his pilot wings back and basically says she hopes he finds love. Hannah does not attend the cocktail party.

Hannah’s next appearance is for the second group date of the season. She is supposed to host a date where the women share their best intimate stories. Hannah, of course, shares her windmill story about Peter. While Hannah is alone she is seen crying. Peter walks up to her and they go off to talk.

A big portion of this episode is this emotional conversation between Peter and Hannah. They both admit it is hard seeing each other again. He asks her if she regrets sending him home in Greece. Hannah said yes she questions it all the time. He also admitted he had been hoping she would have asked him out instead of Tyler on the After the Final Rose. Hannah also reveals that it was supposed to have been Peter and Jed as her final two, however, she never says why it changed to Tyler.

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Gratitude. The feeling that has consumed me all season and especially now at the end of this journey. Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together. Thank you to my brothers from the house. I know we all learned a lot about ourselves during this experience and I’m so happy I was able to make these memories with you guys. Thank you to @bacheloretteabc for giving this hopeless romantic a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. Thank you to my amazing family for always having my back, I think everyone understands where my emotions come from now. Thank you to my friends for giving me more windmill jokes than I know what to do with. And thank you Bachelor Nation. I have felt your love and support since night one and I couldn’t be more thankful. Everyone on this planet deserves that ‘indescribable, words won’t do it justice, make your heart skip a beat’ type of love. Never stop until you find it ❤️

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What will happen between Hannah and Peter?

It’s obvious, according to Steve, these two still have chemistry and still have unresolved feelings for each other. Steve also says that after this encounter Hannah is not brought up or does not reappear throughout the rest of the season.

After seeing episode one there will be a lot of talk. Will Peter ultimately end up back with Hannah Brown? Reality Steve admits he has no clue. He said he really thinks it could go either way. He has some ideas about what Chris Harrison was talking about, but no confirmation yet. The ending has yet to be spoiled and according to Peter it won’t be.

Whatever happens, fans will be talking, speculating and definitely tuning in to see Peter’s season of The Bachelor. Don’t miss the exciting, much anticipated 3 hour premiere Monday night on ABC.


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