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‘Counting On’: Here’s How Jinger & Jessa Duggar Differ As Adults

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Jinger and Jessa Duggar are just two of the many members of the Counting On reality TV series family that have grown up, gotten married, and started families of their own. As those who have followed the family since 17 Kids and Counting aired back in 2008 know, they had a pretty strict upbringing with particular rules. These rules even included a dress code.

For example, girls were supposed to dress modestly in long, loose skirts that didn’t flaunt their figure or show off too much skin. As adults, many Duggar children have noticeably decided to do things differently than the way Michelle and Jim Bob taught them.

Jinger, for example, has attracted a lot of attention from fans for her decision to stray from the family dress code she grew up with.

Jinger and Jessa Duggar recently spent some time together over the holidays.

As we previously reported, Jinger and Jessa Duggar were able to spend some time together over the holidays. This was heartwarming to Counting On fans. Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo gained tons of attention following their move to L.A. back in the summer of last year. Fortunately, moving so far away hasn’t stopped Jinger from remaining close to her family.

According to Cheat Sheet, some Counting On fans noticed a pretty distinct difference between how Jinger and Jessa were approaching leaving the nest.

The photos from Jessa’s trip to L.A. showed her, Jinger, Jessa and Ben having a wonderful time. Fans, however, couldn’t help but notice how fashion choices between Jessa and Jinger differed. Jinger rocked a sleek trench coat that she paired with tight pants and gorgeous boots. Notably, this isn’t something Michelle and Jim Bob would have approved of.

Jinger did, however, reveal during an episode of Counting On that she had a conversation with her parents about her decision to wear pants.

“We had conversations before I started wearing pants and just shared my heart with them where I saw the Lord leading me. I was really grateful for their response … they said just to walk with the Lord … and to seek to honor Him and to maintain modesty, and so I think I’m really grateful for their hearts and how they’ve just instilled that in us kids.”

Jessa, however, still looks to embrace the dress code of her parents.

Photos from their time together revealed Jessa was still very much a wearer of skirts. In the photo she sported a knee-length skirt. Mama and papa Duggar would have approved of the skirt.

Cheat Sheet, however, goes on to clarify Jessa doesn’t always stay on her parents side of the rules. Two years ago, she was spotted rocking a much shorter skirt during an episode of Counting On. Instead, she just has to worry about what Ben is comfortable with. Fortunately, Ben has already noted he is much more liberal than Jim Bob and Michelle.

And, how do Jessa and Jinger approach dressing their daughters?

At the moment…There is no telling whether Jessa will hold her daughter Ivy to the same standards her parents set. Jinger, however, has been known to dress her daughter in plenty of outfits Michelle and Jim Bob would not support. Counting On fans can only hope to see the same from Jessa.

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