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Abbie Duggar’s Baby Shower Sparks Hair Dye & Pregnancy Debate

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The official Duggar family Instagram recently shared several snaps from Abbie’s baby shower. The photo collection has accumulated over 60,000 likes and nearly 300 comments in just 24 hours. Notably, there are many different topics being discussed among Counting On fans in the comments.

Some fans quickly called attention to Abbie’s appearance in the photos.

The first photo in the collection features a very pregnant Abbie rocking a floral dress with her messy curly hair pushed to one side. Abbie had a huge smile on her face as a gift bag rested on her lap.

Her hair, however, looked like it was grey or light blue in color. It was a shade like what a person would typically see on a much older individual. The appearance of her hair quickly attracted attention and became a topic of conversation in the comments.

More specifically, one individual questioned if Abbie Duggar had dyed her hair recently as it looked an entirely different color.

“I don’t think so. There’s a preset on the picture and they didn’t adjust the orange and yellow tones properly to maintain the color of her hair,” another Instagram user penned in response to the question.

Abbie Duggar’s hair sparks conversation involving hair dye and pregnancy.

Another Instagram user echoed that they did not believe Abbie has dyed her hair a different color because dying your hair while pregnant is a frowned upon activity.

This statement was quickly debated as several other followers chimed into the conversation.

“That’s not true. I dyed my hair during all my pregnancies and all my babies were and are allright,” one follower noted.

One Instagram user clarified dying your hair while pregnant had nothing to do with the health of the baby. They went on to explain it wasn’t good for the health of the pregnant mother’s hair.

An additional user chimed in that they also dyed their hair multiple times while pregnant and never had any issues with their own health or the health of their baby.

The original poster that asked the question regarding hair dye never clarified if they asked out of concern for Abbie and the baby.

Is dying your hair dangerous while pregnant?

According to The American Pregnancy Association, there is little evidence to suggest dying your hair while pregnant is harmful for the unborn fetus.

“Semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy,” the Association explains.

Furthermore, it notes that just small amounts of the dye absorbs into the skin. So, it is unlikely any of the chemicals would reach the fetus.

The Association goes on to clarify the same is true of dying your hair while breastfeeding.

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