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‘Surviving R Kelly’: Why is His Brother Bruce in Jail?


Tonight was the big premiere of Season 2 of Surviving R Kelly. On this show, his brother Bruce Kelly is talking from prison. So why is R Kelly’s brother in jail? Heavy was able to get to the bottom of this one.

Why is R Kelly’s brother in jail?

It turns out that Bruce Kelly is at the Shawnee Correctional Facility in Illinois. He is supposed to be there until September 11, 2021, which is still over a year.

This isn’t the first time he has been in trouble with the law either. This time around Bruce Kelly is there on charges including possession of a controlled substance, burglary, violation of electronic monitoring, and theft.

He doesn’t speak to his brother anymore at all and hasn’t in years. He is talking about his past though and that is all information that he does know well. Bruce told numerous stories about things that his brother went through while growing up.

About Season 2

The second season of Surviving R Kelly explains a bit more about why he is the way that he is in life. This isn’t an excuse for his actions though. Instead, it just gives viewers a bit of understanding about the way that he grew up.

This time it is actually called Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning. Bruce told a story on the first episode about when his brother went to a pastor and admitted he had a problem. Here is what he revealed.

“He was pointing to a walk-in closet with shelves full of videotapes. He was telling the pastor, ‘I look at those video tapes and I **** off.’ He was asking for help. Like, ‘I have a problem.’ That’s the only time I think Robert admitted he has a problem. I think it’s a sexual problem. A sexual addiction.”

Bruce does seem to get that R Kelly needed help at that point in his life that he didn’t get. Don’t miss Surviving R Kelly when it airs on Lifetime.

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