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‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10: Family Feelings Create First Hurdles for Matches

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Everything on Married at First Sight happens at warp speed.  Lessons that take lifetimes are often part of the eight-weeks as man and wife.  This week, Season 10 of the arranged marriage chronicle debuted on January 1 with high hopes, hopeful hearts, and already an early emotional conflict for one bride.

The new season is already being described as the most “explosive” in the reality show’s run, according to the New Year’s Day New York Post. Many of the matched brides and grooms come from broken homes, and one groom is the first member of his family to be married.  Dream-like expectations and lacking role models can make forging a lasting union more difficult, and so can family members who decide ahead of time that any Married at First Sight union is bound to fail.

Some of the Season 10 partners are already experiencing negative situations from family members, besides the expected nerves and jitters.

Michael is a ‘Married at First Sight’ first

After the loss of his mother from cancer, Michael Watson was raised by his aunt and cousin, who he calls his sister.  When Michael broke the news that he had been matched, all his family was surprised, but his sister was truly overcome with concern, but also great hope for the man she knows as a brother.  Their embrace was one of the truly tender moments in the season premiere and lasted longer than some between the new couples.  It will be sweet to see how she responds to witnessing vows between Michael and his new bride.  Michael never had the example of a father and is the first in his family to be married.  His bride, Meka Jones, grew up as the caretaker for three siblings and admits that she wants to be treated like a queen by her new husband.

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer have female family situations. Austin couldn’t speak for 2 minutes without mentioning his mother during the premiere episode.  The experts hope that the overwhelming influence is simply because she has been the primary female influence in her son’s life until now, and a wife can change that trend.  Jessica spoke of how her communication with her twin sister has been an obstacle in her past relationships.  Austin’s mom did come to a good place by the end of Austin’s news.  “The best result would be he finds somebody,” she concluded.  Both these partners have family cheering for them, maybe just a little too much.

Brandon Reid works in beer sales. He is outgoing and successful, but even so, he says he would have to “think about it” if his grandmother cannot be persuaded to support his marriage.  Upon hearing news of his match, grandma’s eyes said everything.  “I believe in taking a leap of faith, but not like this,” she said.  Brandon’s bride, Taylor Dunklin, had to sway her parents, too, but ultimately, mom concluded that she trusted her daughter’s judgment.  Brandon’s grandma may only become a believer after the first great-grandchild is born.

Tears for the happiest day

Mindy Shiben has the saddest wedding day situation of all the partners in Season 10, and perhaps the most to overcome.  Mindy is a recognized figure skating coach who holds on for dear life to her positive life outlook.  She tearfully told her sister and her sister brides that neither of her parents supported her  Married at First Sight commitment.  She is crushed to think that no one will be there for her on the wedding day.  Her sister is a definite yes, and the other brides pledged their support.  Mindy is going to need support from her groom, Zach Justice.  She lost her sister and endured a miscarriage recently, and those kinds of wounds only heal with time and love. Overall, Zach’s family is wary but willing to be open to the experience.

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad are the youngest of the Married at First Sight couples for Season 10.  Both twenty-something’s long for forever love, but have backed off of dating relationships due to partners’ never feeling “right.”  Katie already has a dilemma, deciding if she is ready to go through with her marriage vows after contact from an ex.

Stay tuned to see who emerges through the blasts and the beautiful moments. Married at First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.

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