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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals What Is Known About Peter Weber’s Ending

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It’s almost time for the big 3 hour premiere of The Bachelor. Peter Weber will begin his journey Monday night, January 6.  Die hard fans are already eager to know how it all turns out. Usually by this point Reality Steve has spoiled the ending of the show. However, this season seems to be different and today Steve laid out his theories as to why.

Reality Steve shares what he knows about Peter’s ending

With the premiere only 4 days away it’s crazy that Reality Steve has not spoiled the final rose ceremony as he always does. This is the first time in history since he began spoiling the show that he has not had the ending within a week or two of filming wrapping up. Today, Steve took to his column to share what he does know about the final day in Australia.He also shares his theories as to why there has been no confirmation of a final winner.

First of all, Steve does know that Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss are the final two women hoping to win Pilot Pete’s heart. This is where the information essentially stops. Steve shared that had an ending occurred in Australia there is no way he would not have it figured out by now. He also said he has heard plenty of rumors, but he will not release any of those that he does not have solid confirmation on.

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What happened on the final day of filming in Australia

While Steve is sure the final two are Madison and Hannah, he is not sure how the season ends. Peter’s season of The Bachelor is unique and may actually surprise fans. Chris Harrison has said in the past he wishes the ending would not be spoiled. He may have got his wish this year.

Steve thinks that perhaps one of the reason’s he has not gotten confirmation of a winner is because it has not happened yet. For whatever reason, it is believed that maybe the ending will happen closer to the finale air date or on the live After the Final Rose. It is unclear at the moment if this was planned by producers or if Peter was just having a hard time making a choice. Regardless, Steve says that Peter did not leave Australia an engaged man.

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Could Peter have pulled a Brad Womack?

While it’s also possible Peter could have decided he really didn’t want either women, it’s not likely. Peter has said himself that he couldn’t be happier. He also said his season is “the first unspoiled season in a while.” He also said, “there’s a reason no one’s gonna find out.”

Host Chris Harrison also has commented on Peter’s season saying, “you truly aren’t gonna know how it’s going to end until the very end” and “It’s possible it’s still not over.” There is no doubt fans are excited to see how this all plays out. Could everyone really not know what happens until the very end?

Steve did share two huge pieces to the puzzle. He said, there was absolutely no engagement in Australia. He also shared that Madison’s father did not give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter on their hometown date.

There is one other rumor Steve addressed in his blog

While it is not known how accurate it is, Steve has been given some information that occurred in Tennessee on December 12. A woman contacted Steve saying she saw Hannah Sluss at an Acai Bowl in Tennessee. She said Hannah was Face-timing a man, whom she believed to be Peter. According to this source, Hannah and this man were discussing apartments in Los Angeles.

The source, Lilly Sitver, emailed Steve, as well as, posted this information on Tik Tok. While Steve is not saying the information is not true and Hannah just spoiled her own season, he is saying there was no actual proof. No audio recordings, no video, no pics.

As frustrating as it is, everyone will apparently have to wait a bit longer. Steve said once he gets more solid confirmation of things that have happened he will share it with his followers. Another odd change is that Steve usually has seen the first episode of the show by now. He has usually already given very detailed spoilers about the first night. This season ABC has yet to put the first episode on their media site.

Could ABC have found a way to keep Reality Steve from spoiling the ending? He obviously can’t spoil an ending that hasn’t even happened yet. Will this become the new normal for The Bachelor franchise? TV Shows Ace will let you know as soon as more information surfaces. In the meantime, tune in to see if Peter finds love beginning January 6 on ABC.

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