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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Looks Forward To 2020 With Jackson – No Longer A Toddler, ‘He’s A Full On Boy’

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LPBW fans heard that Tori just wanted her family for Christmas this year. Now, looking to the New Year, she’s so thankful for her husband and kids. And, she can’t wait to travel through 2020 with her son Jackson. She’s excited as he’s moved beyond the toddler stage, and grown into “a full on boy.”

LPBW – Tori Roloff’s grateful for Zach, Lilah and her adorable little boy Jackson

This Christmas, Tori Roloff shared about all that she wanted for Christmas. TV Shows Ace reported that as she gets older, she just wants her family around her. And, she’s very blessed that she and Zach shared Lilah’s first Christmas this year. In that post, she noted, “There’s nothing that brings me joy more than knowing my family is happy and healthy.” Well, for outsiders looking at her Instagram, it seems she’s got it all.

People reminds us that once upon a time, Tori worked a Pumpkin Season on Roloff farms. Picking those squash turned her life around more than she probably imaged. Zach fell for his dad’s worker hard, back in 2010. By 2015 they married. And, a few years later, along came their adorable son Jackson. She’s attractive, married into the famous LPBW family, produced two lovely kids, and garnered loads of adoring fans. It seems she has much to be thankful for. And she truly seems thankful this New Year.

Exploring 2020 with Jackson – now a ‘full on boy’

Taking to her Instagram ahead of New Year’s Eve, Tori shared a throwback photo of her pregnancy. Plus, the second photo showed her holding Lilah who arrived in November. She captioned it with, “2019 changed our family forever for the better. Our sweet Lilah girl joined the family and we couldn’t be more in love.” Tori talked about Zach, and how special he makes life for the family. She says he’s determined that 2020’s gonna be the best year ever.

But, Tori also talked quite a bit about her son Jackson. She noted that the little “toddler’s” virtually gone now. And, in his place, stands a “full on boy.” Tori sounds excited about exploring 2020 with her son who now expands his horizons. The LPBW mom wrote, “I am excited to watch Jackson grow and develop into a BOY (he’s like no longer a toddler. He’s a full on boy and I love every ounce of him)!” Well, fans also hope they share her journey with the cute little guy.

Fans react to Tori’s New year post about family and Jackson

Fans of the Little People, Big World TV show can’t get enough of Jackson. Since his first day, they took him to their hearts. In fact, he’s so adorable, that even hardened camera crews and producers adore him. He’s a show-stealing little star. As you can see in the video below, he loves the cameras. Fans all hope we see much more of him growing up.

One LPBW fan said to Tori, “Jackson is a golden nugget of a boy.” Another fan included Lilah. They wrote, “She’s precious and your sweet Jackson is adorable! You have a beautiful family. Happy New Year.”

What do you think about Tori looking forward to 2020 exploring the world with Jackson? He’s no longer a little toddler, and turns into a “full on boy.” Do you really hope we see more of him in an upcoming season? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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