Jenelle evans allegedly has a new boyfriend

Jenelle Evans Reportedly Dating Good-Looking Guy Named Herb Wilkinson, Who Is He?

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Rumors Jenelle Evans dating a new man already emerged not long after her split from David Eason. While she denied it, even David agreed with fans on Twitter that she probably lied about that. Now, it emerged that reportedly, she is actually dating a guy. His name is Herb Wilkinson, and he’s rather good-looking. But who is he? Is he a decent sort of man?

Jenelle Evans denied dating someone new in early December

TV Shows Ace reported in the first week of December that fans got to talking about whether Jenelle already dated someone new. At the time, she said, “I’m sick and tired of a million people asking me if I’m dating an ex or friends that I hang out with. No one needs to worry about what I’m doing even if it’s about my kids.” Well, fans outright accused her of lying. And, David Eason chipped in with, “And she’s been caught in lies so many times!! Usually, people are pretty close with their theories..”

Well, news from a number of sources came in on New Year’s Eve that suggests she’s in a relationship after all. The Sun UK first reported that she dated him. They pointed out that Jenelle never said anything about dating him, but he hinted they are. It came in a video posted to his Instagram stories. But, Katie of Without A Crystal Ball on YouTube dug into him a bit. And it seems he might have a bit of a “shady past.” Meanwhile, The Hollywood Gossip dug even deeper. They confirmed he’s Boston-based and seems like a bit of an odd character.

 Jenelle’s new man – age, career, and social media references

The Bast noted that Wilkinson “works as a water meter installer.” The outlet gives his age as 31 years old. But, The Hollywood Gossip says he’s 23. If they’re correct, that makes him “five years younger than Jenelle Evans. While it’s not easy to dig into people fans have never met before, between these outlets, a picture started emerging of Jenelle’s alleged new man. And, it seems his social media preferences might indicate he’s a bit off.

Katie noted in her vlog, that it’s possible Jenelle didn’t know she was being filmed in Herbert’s IG Story. Why would he do that? Well, it emerged that he sometimes apparently behaves badly on social media. That got Katie’s red-flag radar up from the very beginning. Digging deeper, she unearthed that he alleged he served in the Navy but got sent home for “prescription ridilin.” Possibly, he meant Ritalin which is used for the treatment of ADD. That’s okay in itself, but more disturbing things emerged.

Jenelle Evans’ possible new guy’s got a history of trolling on women

The Hollywood Gossip picked up some info from social media and shared a screenshot of some rather abusive comments. They noted Jenelle Evans’ new guy “enjoys using his social media accounts to heap abuse on women he’s never met — including Jenelle.” Of course, they assume it’s the same guy who carries the same name.

In that post, back in March 2017, he actually slammed her. He said he tagged her in a message and said, “You’re still alive? Do the US a favor and kill yourself.” The troll allegedly added three other posts on the same day using filthy and degrading language. Jenelle should be used to trolls by now, but get this? She actually follows him on his Instagram account.

Jenelle evans new man trolls
Image credits Herb Wilkinson social media via THG & Without A Crystal Ball | YouTube

Other stuff about Herbert, the rumored new man

Apart from that, Katie revealed via a Vimeo post, that Herbert apparently came from a broken home and he hates spiders. He also apparently “likes chick flicks.”

If this all of this turns out true, then Jenelle might have done exactly what her fans feared, and moved into yet another abusive relationship. What do you think? Do you think Jenelle Evans’ alleged new man filmed her secretly? Do you think he sounds a bit off? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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